Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Boy Day

Today, Jackson reached a big boy milestone. Not only did he get his second round of shots, he graduated to his big boy carseat. Our old carseat was rated for up to 21 lbs. and Jackson is now approaching 18, so I guess we could have waited, but honestly, getting him into that old one was becoming more like stuffing him into it. Bethany got online and found a really great deal on the Britax Marathon LATCH car seat with the Crocodile cover. This car seat was recommended by several people we know and let me tell ya- it's money well spent. It has a lot of really great features that make it so much easier to use than any other one I've ever used. I find it to be a really 'common sense' car seat. Needless to say Jackson loves his 'First Class Ride'. He's finally able to see out the windows as we drive, and he didn't make a peep all the way to the Doctor's office this morning. Also, this is a convertible seat so he can stay in it up to 65 lbs. We're excited to have it.

- Ben

Jackson Jumparoo!

Last weekend we decided that Jackson was ready for a new kind of toy. Lately, his legs have been getting very stong, and he is kicking everything that his little feet come in contact with. He has kicked his bouncey seat, or "Spidey Seat" as it's known in our house, until it barely works anymore. So, we took a trip to Target and bought the Galloping Fun Jumparoo. At first he didn't know what to do- he just kinda looked at us and then down at his horse and looked back at us with confusion. However, it didn't take him long for his legs to find their rhythm and he began to ride it like he was Zorro and it was Toronado. He really loves it now, espically the horse's mane. It's made of yellow strips of felt that look like hair, and he loves to run his fingers through it. It's good to know he cares for his trusty steed. He also has developed a fondness for pulling his mother's hair... but that's another story. I'll let Bethany tell that one.
- Ben

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My baby einstein

Jackson got an exersaucer for his 4 month 'birthday'. He loves it and I'm so amazed at how curious he is and how much fun he has playing in it!