Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

We're just waiting on the Easter Bunny...

Playing with some eggs...

And praising Christ for dying on the cross to save our sins.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


Ben, Bethany and Jackson

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sitting up

Well, our little man is starting to sit up all by himself. I can't believe he is already becoming such a big boy...can't he just stay 5 months old forever? This is such a fun age and it seems like he gets more fun everyday. Here are a few pictures of him sitting up from earlier today. I kept thinking he was going to fall over in the pictures where he is leaning but he kept his balance and pulled himself back to sitting up straight. I must say I'm a little sad about it though - the more he can do by himself the less he needs mom to help him - now I know why people have more than one child...time really does just fly by.

Here he is leaning over and looking at Ben

Looking up at the cat in the chair

And my favorite :)