Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I can't believe my sweet little boy is turning one tomorrow. I remember this time last year like it was yesterday. I had just gotten my epidural and they told me to get some rest...I couldn't rest - I was too excited. I should have listened...I haven't rested since.

I know this blog is pretty much all about Jackson, but what some of you may not know is that it's for Jackson. I am printing off each post and keeping it in a scrapbook for him to read when he's older. I want him to always know how much we have loved him, how proud we have been of him and all of the little things that have gone on in his life. I hope he enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

This past year has been the best year of my life. Words cannot express how much joy it brings me to be Jackson's mom. He has brought so much to our lives and I am just so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with such an amazing child. God has had such favor on our family this past year. He carried us through such uncertain times but, as He promises, was there for us every step of the way. Jackson is no exception. God has watched over Jackson and blessed us with a year of NO illnesses...none. What a blessing that is! I know he has to get sick (he's probably coming down with something as I write this lol) but I've loved the fact that he's been so healthy. Some people DREAM of having a semi-healthy child and don't think I'm not grateful for it.

Jackson amazes us every day. He does things that I didn't think would be possible at his age...he never passes up an opportunity to impress. Ok, enough bragging but it's hard not to when your heart is swelling with pride over another one of God's creations. We serve such an amazing God. I just really love Jackson and I'm really proud to be his mom. You know, when you're pregnant you have thoughts of what it will be like when you're a parent but you really have no idea. It's indescribable. Overwhelming.

This has been the best year and next year has a lot to compete with. Here's to God blessing us with many, many more years with my sweet bear.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday girl

Today is my birthday and I'm a fresh and fun 26 years old...I love birthdays! I had a super fun day today with my boys and I have enjoyed all of the thoughtful phone calls and e-messages. So thank you to everyone who shared in this wonderful day!

In our move I have misplaced our camera's battery charger so there are sadly no pictures of the big day but that's ok...I'm sure I'll make up for it another day! I said I'd start posting pictures of the house today so here are a few. I can't take any new ones until I find that charger!

The Fireplace in the Living room...I LOVE the paint (it's the one I changed at Home Depot)My festive mantle that is in need of a picture above it...can't find one I just love. I do, however, love my fall decor...I love decorating for the holidays!

Opposite side of the living room before I hung the curtain rods, the new ceiling fan and set up the chest under the picture on the far right (I'll post an updated picture when I find the charger)Light fixture I spray painted...it was this horrible white
Much more to come...

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is our new armoire that will be here on Monday...I'm so excited...Thanks Mom!

chips, dip and Scranton

Hooray for Thursdays this fall! We were so excited about The Office premier yesterday - it has been a long wait and let me tell you...it did not disappoint! Ben and I had our own premier party complete with a ton of snacks. Yum.
Then I wake up to this sweet message from my wonderful husband.
We have a weekend of projects to finish up and we'll be posting pictures of our new place by the end of the weekend. Yay for project completion!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Every morning when we get up, Jackson goes for the same things... One of his 'adventures' is to pull the fireplace edge protectors off ( we haven't fastened them) and try to sword fight with them, complete with sound effects "ya...ya"... Then he goes for my iron pumpkin. He refuses to let it just sit on the fireplace....Then he stands on the cleared off area and does what I refer to as his victory dance...We do this 100 times a day.
Isn't there supposed to be comfort in routine?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The first joyous news • The first midnight cravings • The first sonogram photo on the refrigerator • The first time you look in his eyes and know you’re no longer number one • The first night at home • The first funny little smile • The first time he sleeps through the night (Hallelujah!) • The first laugh • The first crawl • The first stumbling steps • The first time he said "Da…Da…Da…Dada" • The first love pat • The first kiss • The first time you realize that — no matter how well you’ve prepared — you’re never quite ready.

Monday, September 22, 2008

birthday suit

Fair warning to anyone coming to Jackson's birthday party...he'll be wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Oh wait - not that birthday suit...geeez. What kind of parent do you think I am? Don't answer that.

Let's be serious for a second...CUTEST thing ever, huh?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

big fat slackers

dang I've been slacking with the blogs...I have good reason - we've been moving...AGAIN! Ben and I are professional movers. Seriously. Since Ben and I have been together (both of us... dating included) we have moved six times. Six times in 4 1/2 years. Since Jackson has been alive (conceived) we have moved 4 times. So, before my sweet little boys bday he has moved 4 times...he is such a trooper!

We love our new house...love it. After living in an apartment (an unsafe apartment at that) we are so thankful to be able to paint, decorate and LIVE however we want. Jackson and I were confined to 4 walls all day and he was unable to go outside and play. We are so thankful for a back yard for Jackson. What is a little boy without God's world to explore? We are so thankful to be able to sleep peacefully again. God is so good.

So, sorry we've been slacking on posting but we'll be back and in full force soon. I know ya'll are wanting new pictures of the new place but give me time to paint and decorate...let's say a week.

The boy's big number one birthday is coming up...his GOLDEN birthday too! Let's just say we're gonna have 'zoo' much fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

two steps forward and three steps back

The country has been buzzing with discussions over the recent appointment of Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket. I am SO EXCITED that I get the opportunity to vote for a ticket that includes not only a woman, but a strong woman that is on fire for moving this country forward in a positive direction.

While Sarah Palin is moving the women's movement forward I'm steady taking us back...let me explain:

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to pick out paint for the living room in our new house. I find a color and we get two gallons of it...yeah, I know - I was taking a gamble that I would like it. Like most people know, paint rarely looks like the swatch once you get it on the wall. Instead of the paint being the warm taupe color like the swatch, it was goldish. I didnt want gold or I would have picked out gold. So - we go back to home depot to see what they can do to fix it. Ben tells me to go see what they can do since he has no idea what I'm looking for. Of course, there are two older men working the paint counter...I have no problem with this - men usually know their paint and I have no problem taking advice from the 'expert' at the store. Anyway - so I ask what they can do to help me since the color does not look like the swatch and I get told "that's the gamble you take when you buy paint, I can only make it darker or add magenta but who knows what color you'll get....long pause/silence....Let me know what you want to do." I asked about several different scenario's and was met with a quick "no" everytime and was even told once that testing a little bit to see what color it would be was "against the law." And it wasn't just what they said it was the way they said it...just "oh well little girl" Totally rude. So I walk away to find ben (he has jackson and they are looking at lights - his favorite part of homedepot) and as soon as I walk up to Ben he says "So what did they say" and I start bawling. Yep - crying my eyes out in the middle of Home Depot. Who does that? I have no idea what got into me. Maybe I was tired from moving all day, maybe I knew how much I hated that paint color or maybe I knew the story would have been different had Ben been the one talking to them. Regardless of the reason, I'm crying uncontrollably. Long story short, the manager sees me upset, asks me what's wrong and they give me new paint.

I don't think the feminist movement would be very proud...oh well - atleast I got the paint I wanted...that counts for something, right?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

you have a little something on your face...

We take a bath after EVERY meal...no explanation needed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

more than you know

it's true. mom's never get enough recognition. I don't want that to be the case with my mom.

thanks mom. for everything. everything. you are such a blessing to my life.

I love you.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long weekend, Labor day and 'Leven months

From Labor Day
We really enjoyed our long weekend. On friday we went to the pool here and let Jackson swim before it shut down for the summer. He had the best time swimming with his dad. That boy loves water! Evidently he has the "I like to walk into the water when nobody is looking" gene from his mother (long story from when I was two...was supposed to be taking a nap, went to the pool outside without my floaties and walked right into the deepend. Ashley didnt save me - thank goodness Dixie did. Thanks again Ashley. Someone should have stabbed you with plyers or something...) Luckily I caught Jackson before he walked into the pool. I digress. Pool time was just the beginning of our weekend fun.
From Swimming
On Sunday we drove over to Ben's Dad and Glennis' house to visit with them and the girls for the holiday. We went to church with them Sunday night and Ben took some really great pictures of Jackson on the piano his mother used to play. Ben said she put a million miles on that thing. Whenever we're in church he'll remark on how someone playing the piano reminds him of his mother. I love that.
Jerry Lee Lewis?We took our wagon out to their house since we have no yard here or place to store it. Jackson had a blast riding around in it. He finally got to see a dog that would love on him. Mom and Regina have snooty dogs (aka they will bite you) so we were thankful for Katrina's kind nature. We also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline. Yep -that included me too. Catherine and Olivia were busy working and being creative for the holiday. They were shooting a movie about squirrels. The girls were out there in brown coats and pants with belts for tails. So funny. So creative. Catherine was the director...complete with a director's chair. Awesome.
We came back home on the eve of Jackson's eleven month "birthday." I can't believe we are less than a month away from him being a year old. None of his clothes fit anymore. Not even the 18 month ones. Yeesh. He has got walking down to a science and has even started running. Sometimes he'll get going and his little feet will just take him somewhere that I'm pretty sure he never intended on going. Like sideways. He has started doing this crazy inhaling laugh/squeel thing. It is so loud and super cute. He won't eat any baby food anymore so I'm busy trying to make sure he is getting all of his nutrients from fresh food. It's a lot more difficult than I originally thought. I would gladly welcome a jar of babyfood back to the dinner table. His vocabulary is steady growing. He can say cheese, cereal (sisisuh), ok and the very beginning of thank you (taytoo). He loves to make animal noises - his favorite being a cow. Buhoooooo. So funny. He's been meowing for a while and has recently started imitating my "here kitty kitty kitty" Like my mom said, kids are parrots at this age. He is OBSESSED with reading books. We seriously read a hundred books a day. Well, we read the same 10 books a hundred times a day. He loves for you to sing to him and he has this "Jesus Loves You" song book that my mom bought him that he'll bring to you and start "singing" to get you to sing. If he wants you to read he throws a book at your feet and says "THAT!" and when you pick it up he says "Ok". Probably bc of the million times I said "OK" after he threw it at me. When he brings his song book over though he'll go "oooooooooooo." I love it. He's also an even bigger social butterfly than me. We can't go anywhere without him finding a lady and waving "heeyyy" grinning all big. Seriously. Everywhere we go.
We're planning the birthday party and we want everyone to come...so here's hoping we see you then :)