Monday, April 19, 2010

taking notes

a few things I want to remember:

tonight me, ben and jackson were making gas noises on our arms. We were taking turns to see who could be the loudest, cracking up in between and when it got to my turn I scared Luke so much it took him 5 minutes to calm down. Note to self, he didn't think it was funny...

speaking of luke my favorite thing he does right now is when he's getting tired you can turn him toward you and he'll stand up on his chunky legs, grab your cheeks with his hands, rest his forehead on your forehead and let out a big, sweet sigh. It's priceless.

Oh and today, we went to target, I bought Luke some 12 month onesies. They were too small. Ben said he obviously needed twosies. har har har.

I took Jackson to lunch today because he was SO good while we ran a million errands. Once we got home and I handed him his happy meal he said, "thanks mom." then he looked down at his plate and said, "and thank YOU mcdonalds."

jackson is obsessed with telling stories. He'll talk about what he just did but say, "Once upon I time I went in the backyard and played with my soccer ball. The end." Oh and imagine him smacking his lips in between each sentence. I dont know. He's ghetto like that.

Last, evidently jackson lost his ninnies over the weekend. He called me from the bathroom and said, "Mooom, I can't find my ninnies. oh no, maybe I lost them!"

Monday, April 12, 2010

honest much

So tonight jackson was acting out and I asked him why he was acting that way. "I just wanted to be ugly", he said.

Well, I thought, he gets one point for being honest. Little did he know that all he needed to buy a ticket to time out was 1 point.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Bouncy Tale

Maybe the Easter Bunny could take some bouncing lessons from us...

Happy Good Friday Everyone!