Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Christian Audio Download

Every month there is a free download at ChristianAudiobooks.com. This month it is the complete unabridged Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney.

This is for the month of March so grab it TODAY if you want and check back on their site tomorrow to see what you can get next! (thanks Jenny)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

lock it

so jackson can open the door now. No, not a latch door, a real turn the knob to get out kind of door.

Last week I told him it was time to come in from being outside, brought him in and shut the door behind me. Ben was in the kitchen and jackson ran back to the door, opened it and let himself back outside. As Ben is telling me what happened (I was in the other room the first time) I said that I must have just not closed it all the way because there's no way that our child who is not even 18 months old yet can open a door. To prove me wrong he brought jackson back inside and told him to open the door and next thing you know - outside again in a flash.

This is not supposed to be happening this soon. sigh. somebody freeze time for me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

it's contagious

Evidently I gave my tender bones to Jackson. The other day we were listening to the Wiggles in the car and there is this song about ducks…or ‘gucks’ as he calls them. It goes like this:

‘5 little ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away, father duck said “Quack Quack Quack Quack” but only 4 little ducks came back.’ On and on until “but none of the 5 little ducks came back”.

It was as soon as he finished that last line that Jackson started bawling. I’m talking uncontrollable sobs. I turn off the radio and start questioning what’s the matter. I’m thinking he’s hurt or maybe there was a bug in the car that stung him. Nope. I ask him, repeatedly what’s wrong and he looks at me with pitiful eyes and says, “bye bye gucks, bye bye” and then starts the uncontrollable sobs again. He didn't even let the song get to the part where they all come back. He was too busy mourning their disappearance for that.

It was pitiful. Just pitiful. I had to put on some sort of crazy routine to get him to laugh and cheer up. Luckily we were at a four way stop during 5 oclock traffic with 4349 cars in front of us and I had plenty of time to tend to the crisis.

Needless to say, we skip that song now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This past week has really tugged at me. A friend once referred to me as "the good little church girl" on facebook and several more of my friends chimed in their agreement. I'm not sure what that even means, to be a good little church girl. All I know is that I love God and I try hard to draw closer to him every day. That being said, I struggle with things like everyone else. I worry. A lot. I used to suffer from some pretty serious anxiety and panic attacks - God has helped me get it under control. It is by no means gone, but is usually managable.

I have a nephew in the hospital and although he's doing great now I was very worried about him this time last week through the weekend. We got to go see him yesterday and he's just precious. Absolutely precious. We are so grateful that he is doing better.

Being at the hospital was so hard. I saw so many babies that were 'sick'. So many children in gowns, bandages, etc. It hurt my heart. It hurt my heart that we could barely find a parking spot. How amazing would it be to see that parking lot EMPTY. I know so many parents long to see that parking lot empty. I know I did. It's hard not to question. Impossible not to be affected. I have such a tender spirit. Ok - I'm a big baby. I cry easily and I take others burdens on myself. I always have.

Today, I stumbled across a "pray icon" for baby Stellan. I was blown away. I had no idea and it broke my heart all over again. It was especially hard after being at the hospital yesterday. I dont even know these people (except for the blog) and I started crying. Same with Zoe on hannah's blog. I've been in a funk for days.

God knew I'd be affected. He knows. Of course He knows, but He knew and He prepared for me. We stopped by to see Scott and Nikki last night, our dear friends from Arkansas, and Nikki had our Christmas gifts for us (we obviously dont get back to visit much). My gift was a Beth Moore daily devotional/journal. You have no idea how great this was for me. When I sat down to do my quiet time today I was blown away...although I don't know why. The very first day: " Prescription for Peace." Why was I surprised? I love it when God shows me that He is thinking of me. That He knows exactly what I need. Here is the passage that was at the top of the page. It's so fitting, so perfect. He always is.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

I will still struggle. I will still question. I will still doubt. We all will. It's promising to know that God is always there waiting on us regardless of what we're going through. That helps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kaleb Travis McGhee

Today Ben's oldest sister had her 3rd child, a baby boy, Kaleb Travis McGhee. He had to be induced at only 36 weeks and is currently in need of our prayers. God knows his needs. Please lift him, Jana, Jason and the rest of the family up in prayer during this time.

We are so excited to welcome him to our family!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giveaway! Now Closed!

Random.org result: 72

hopewell entry #2


In honor of Easter I'm going to do a giveaway. I have a stockpile like you would not believe and I can think of no time of year that makes me feel like giving more than Easter. Christ gave his life for us, the ultimate FREE giveaway.

That being said, here's what you will get if you win. We'll call it my "clean" giveaway:

1 Colgate Whitening Mint Zing Toothpaste
2 bottles of Listerine
1 colgate 360 clean toothbrush
1 Dove Deoderant
1 Glade Lasting Impressions Fan
1 bottle of Suave body wash

Wow! That's over $30 worth of stuff plus shipped to you for free! :) Don't like some of the flavors or scents? Exchange them! Your local store will gladly exchange without a reciept (most of the time anyway). I will use the random selector to select a winner on Easter day. Anyone can enter, here's how to get three entries:

1) leave a comment with your name and email address
2) tell me something you love about Easter. A favorite memory, tradition, easter basket, etc
3) email me your favorite easter get together recipe (bmcghehey2@gmail.com)

Best of Luck and Happy Easter to all :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free tomato seeds from campbells

Purchase any two condensed soups from Campbell's and enter the codes on the bottom here to get FREE tomato seeds!

There are also some gardening tips for tomato plants here.

Monday, March 16, 2009


We're tired of being inside.We don't care if it's muddy.
We don't care if it's cloudy.
We're putting on our jacket.We're putting on our boots.
And we're playing. Outside.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Gigi!

I am one of the fortunate few that just loves my mother in law. She is such a fun person and she inspires me to be a better mother and person every day. I love the picture of her and Ben's dad above. They are always so happy, so joyful - I love that. Here's to you Gigi - happy birthday! We love you :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I love Kroger

Total before coupons: $104.74
Total spent $34.27
Total savings: 68%

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Craft time

Jackson is in the process of learning his shapes and today we did a craft to help the process along. I can't wait to have rubbermaids FULL of things he makes for us :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I can hear Ben pull up each day when he gets home – blame it on ol’ Honda, but she’s a dead giveaway. One day, I thought it would be cute to tell Jackson to “call daddy” and then see his face when he ‘magically’ walked through the door. Sure enough, it was super cute and we do this pretty much every day. The only problem is Jackson really thinks he has the ability to make people appear at will. He will randomly go to the front door and yell “Pawpaw!!!", "Giiiiiiigi!!” or “Nonnnnni!!” and then get seriously disappointed when they don’t waltz through the door. He would probably love an Everybody Love's Raymond set up where random family members drop by at all hours of the day. Well, one day a few weekends ago Nonni decided to come down with Funcle for the weekend and made Jackson’s prestige a reality. We had a great long weekend visit, but no one had a better time than Jackson.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Blessing

You are more perfect than I could have hoped...
More beautiful than I could have dreamed...
More precious than I could have imagined...
I love you more than I could have known.

More Walgreen's Deals

Monthly Free After Rebate Items:

Advanced Memory Formula (45 ct) soft gels $19.99
$19.99 EasySaver Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Axe Hair Care $5.99
$5.99 EasySaver Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Wal-Zyr 24 hr allergy relief 5ct $3.99
$3.99 EasySaver Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Extra Strength Headache Relief 20ct gel $2.99
$2.99 EasySaver Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Other Deals:

Right Guard (select varieties) on clearance for $1.49-$1.69
Purchase one and get back a $2 Register Reward
Final cost as low as FREE, plus a .50 moneymaker!

AcneFree Acne & Blackhead Terminator 10 on clearance for $3.19
Purchase three for a total of $9.57
Then use three $1 coupons from the 3/8RP
Pay $6.57
Get back an $8 Register Reward
Final cost three for FREE, plus a $1+ moneymaker!

Buy four Loaves of Sara Lee bread=$10
Buy four 12 pks of Diet Coke=$13
Use four $2 coupons found by bread
Pay $15
Get back a $3RR for the Coke
Final cost ONLY $12 for 4 loaves of bread and 4 12 packs of coke... not bad!

Butterball Chicken Broth (14.5 oz) cans $.79 each
Purchase 13 cans for a total of $10.27
Then use the in ad coupon, which will make each can .69
Pay $8.97
Then Submit for the $5 EasySaver rebate
Final cost ONLY $3.97 for all 13 cans (.30c a can!)

Advil PM (16 ct) $4.49=$2RR
Use $2 printable from here
Final cost .49!

Skintimate or Edge shave gel $1.99=$1RR
Final cost .99!

Revlon Emery Boards (10 ct) $1.59
Use Walgreens $1 EasySaver coupon
Final cost .59c

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4 oz. $3.49
Use Walgreens $2.50 EasySaver coupon
Plus use $1.50 coupon from All You or the $1 coupon from the 2/22SS or from here
Final cost as low as FREE, plus a .50 moneymaker!

Aquafresh toothpaste (6.4 oz) .99 with In ad coupon
Use the .75 coupon from the 1/4SS or from here
Final cost .24!

Blue Diamonds Nuts (6 oz) buy one at $3.49 get one free
Purchase two and use two .50 coupon from here
Final cost 2/$2.49, just $1.25 each!

Noxzema Bikini Shavers (3 ct) $2.99
Use the Walgreens $2 EasySaver coupon
Final cost .99!

Rogaine 30 day supply $29.99
(there may be some on clearance too)
Use Walgreens $7 EasySaver coupon
plus $10 coupon from here
Final cost only $12.99 or less if you can find Rogaine on clearance!

Coffee Mate Creamer buy one at $2.49 get one free
Purchase two and use two $1.50 coupons from here
Or use $1 or $1.50/2 coupons from here
Final cost as low as FREE, plus a .50 moneymaker!

Some Things

A few things to know about shopping at Walgreens:

1) You can't use register rewards to do the same deal again. You can do the same deal as many times as you want and get register rewards every time as long as you dont use those register rewards to pay for it. Now, you can use register rewards from a DIFFERENT deal to pay for it. Here's an example. This week you can buy 25 dollars worth of Huggies and get 10 in register rewards and a monthly deal is buy 8 dove products in one transaction and get $10 in register rewards. You can use the dove register rewards to pay for the huggies and the huggies to pay for the dove and they'll print again. Does that make sense? This is their way of making sure you dont get too much stuff for free ;)

2) A register reward is like "free money" at Walgreens but the computer sees it like a "coupon". Walgreens only allows you to have as many manufacturer coupons as you have products (walgreens coupons dont count). So, if you have 5 products and 5 coupons you can't use your register rewards. One way to fix this is to use a coupon that is $1 off of 2 bc then it's only one coupon for both products and the register reward can be used for that second product. Or use them when buying the free after rebate items...or just buy a .50c candy bar ;) So, summary is make sure you have as many products as you have coupons and that includes your register rewards. You can also use them like a gift card to buy things like milk or papers on sunday with all the coupons in them :).

3) Walgreens is never going to "pay" you to shop there...well not out in the open! So, this week you can get the Sambucol for free plus $1 overage. They arent going to give you that dollar and neither will the computer. It is best to use it WITH another deal like the huggies where you are still going to owe money. Another example is to use it for something you've been really wanting but dont have a coupon for bc it's like having a dollar off coupon. Want something that costs $5? Buy 5 sambucols and it will take $5 off. Or do like above and just buy a candy bar ;)

4) You still have to pay tax on the whole order. On the scenario below, you will have to pay tax on the full $110 BUT when you factor in all the free stuff you're getting it's not that big of a deal, right?

Have more questions? Ask and we'll figure it out! Happy Shopping :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walgreens 3/8-3/14

Just a few quick highlights of Walgreens this week (it is a GREAT week, I will post more later):

Purchase $25 worth of Huggies Diapers or Training Pants Jumbo pks ($10 each)=$10RRBuy 3 packages for a total of $30
Use the two $5 Huggies coupons from here and one from here
Final Cost after Register Rewards: $5 for 3 packs of diapers!!
*be advised - dont use the $10 RR's to do this transaction again because they won't print a second time if you do*

Glade Sense & Spray or Lasting Impressions $7.99
Buy 2 for a total of $15.98
Use Walgreens $4 coupon from the Easy Saver Catolog at the front of the store (will take off $8)
Plus use one buy one get one free coupon from here, here or here
Final Cost: BOTH FREE!!
(Bonus: If you got the SmartSource from 2/8 use one of the $4 off coupons to take an additional $4 off your order. If you use this with the diapers you will get 3 packs of diapers, 2 sense and sprays/lasting impressions for $1 after register rewards!)

Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief (30 tablets) $12.99
Use Walgreens $10 EasySaver couponPlus use $4 coupon from here
Final cost FREE plus a $1 moneymaker!

Excedrin Menstrual Complete Express Gels (20 ct) $5.99
Use the $4 EasySaver coupon on page 25
Plus use the $2 Express Gels coupon from here
Final Cost: FREE!

Deal Idea
3 packages of huggies
2 sense and sprays or lasting impressions
4 Sambucol
2 Excedrin Menstraul Complete Express Gels
total due: $110 (breathe)

Give Cashier:
$4 Walgreens EasySaver Glade coupon (will take off $8 for both)
$4 Walgreens EasySaver Excedrin Coupon (will take off $8 for both)
$10 Walgreens EasySaver Sambucol coupon (will take off $40 for all 4)
3 - $5 Huggies Coupons (-15.00)
4 $4 Sambucol Coupons (-16.00)
2 $2 Express Gel Coupons (-4.00)
1 Buy one get one free coupon Glade Coupon (-7.99)

New Total: $11 plus tax
Get back $10 in Register Rewards

Total Out of Pocket: ONE DOLLAR plus tax
Total savings: 99%

*best part is you can do the above deal as many times as you want or as many times as you have coupons for*

Personal Prayer Request

Our poor little bear is sick. We're not the 'getting sick' type so this is really hard on all of us. This is our very first fever and although he's handling it like a trooper I can tell he just plain doesn't feel good. If you have time, would you remember us in prayer? We'd very much appreciate it. I mean, look at that face...we're ready for him to be better...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

more free toilet paper

Cottonelle has reset their coupon link so go on over here http://www.cottonelle.com/coupons.aspx and get your coupon for free tp at Kroger! (remember it's the 4 roll marked .99)

wooohooo - I love free!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kroger 3/4-3/10

There are a couple of really great deals at Kroger (this is for the 'Kroger Delta' Region that includes Mississippi, Memphis area and Arkansas) this week. There's another one of those buy 10 get $5 off deals good on a selection of frozen items. These are always the best time to shop at Kroger because you can combine their savings with a coupon for even bigger savings! If you get the paper and have coupons saved you can combine those with these offers for even bigger savings! Also, dont forget to google the product for coupons or go to ebay and order coupons for something you know your family will eat a lot of. These prices are good through the 24th so if you know your family loves toaster strudels, go to ebay buy 10 .35 c coupons for a total savings of $12.00 (7.00 plus the additional 5.00 savings) that will pay for the .99c you buy them for on ebay :) Regular Price for Toaster strudles is 2.79 so .79 is a great deal. This is just one example of many possibilities for coupon combinations :)

Mix and Match 10 of any of the following and get $5 off your total (or .50c off each item)

Toaster Strudels 1.99 (1.49 after deal)
http://www.coupons.com/ for a .35c coupon that will double
final price: 0.79c
there are also ecoupons on http://www.cellfire.com/ and http://www.shortcuts.com/ for an additional .50 off!

BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM, *$2.49 each ($2.99 each -$0.50)

BREYERS ICE CREAM, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

EGGO WAFFLES, *$1.49 each (* $1.99 each -$0.50)
$1.00/1 Kellogg's Eggo Product, THIS - Found On Various Eggo Products (Peelie x12/31/09)

FRESCHETTA PIZZA, *$3.99 each (* $4.49 each -$0.50)

GORTON'S SEAFOOD, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

HUNGRY-MAN DINNERS OR ENTREES, *$1.49 each (* $1.99 each -$0.50)

HÄAGEN-DAZS ICE CREAM CUPS, *$0.49 each (* $0.99 -$0.50each)

KROGER DELUXE ICE CREAM, *$0.49 each (* $0.99 each -$0.50) Pint Size

MRS. PAUL'S SEAFOOD, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

PEPPERIDGE FARM BREADS OR DESSERTS, *$1.49 each (* $1.99 each -$0.50)

SARA LEE PIES, CAKES OR DESSERT BITES, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

T.G.I. FRIDAY'S APPETIZERS, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

TOTINO'S PIZZA ROLLS, *$2.49 each (* $2.99 each -$0.50)

TYSON MEAL KITS, *$4.49 each ( * $4.99 each -$0.50)

Non 10 item deals

Poptarts 3/$5
$0.55/1 Kellogg's Chocolate Banana Split Pop-Tarts, Any 8 Ct. + (Printable Rolling) - Pop-Tarts® Fun Games, Crazy Good™ Activities, and Funny Videos will work on ANY poptart not just the banana split flavor
final price: $0.56

Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent $3.99 (reg price $7.99)
1.00/1 Arm and Hammer Detergent (Printable Rolling)http://www.armandhammer.com/coupon.html
Final Price: $2.99

QUAKER SIMPLE HARVEST OR INSTANT OATMEAL, *$1.50 each final price (when you buy 2 * 2/$4 with card, buy (2) quaker instant oatmeal products* and receive $1 off using your shopper's card. *purchases must be made in a single transaction. limit (1) reward per transaction. offer valid 3/4/09-3/31/09

$1 off 2 blinkie found next to product
final price: $2.47 each

black seedless grapes .99c/lb

Sarah Lee Classic White Bread 10/10

Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper 10/10
$1.00/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skilled Meal (Printable Rolling) - Coupons Homepage
Final Price: .67 each
There are also cellfire and shortcuts coupons for these...these aren't my thing so if you like these, I have tons of coupons I can mail you :)

These are just highlights of the ad. To see the full ad go to http://www.kroger.com/ and type in your zip code. Happy Shopping :)

wednesday prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for children's tylenol.



special delivery

Ben's sweet Aunt Pam is always blessing us with surprises in the mail. Yesterday, we got another one of her fun filled boxes and even though Jackson had just woken up from his nap, he still went straight for that box!
We'll have to give her an extra big hug and kiss next time we see her...she filled the box full of things Jackson absolutely loves. His eyes lit up when he saw this truck. We love books and Pam's boxes are always filled with books! Jackson was especially excited about the "choo choo" book :)

Thank you Pam!

Monday, March 2, 2009

baby ritter

We stayed the weekend with my cousin Ashley and her hubby Sam reveling in their imending parenthood. I got to take some pictures of 'baby ritter' and told ashley they were just for her...well they're too beautiful not to post! I'll only post a few...and for all of you waiting on the full photo spread from this weekend, you'll just have to wait until I get my memory card back... a certain toddler may have rifled through my camera bag and left it in aforementioned Ritter's living room. sigh.

Kaden James Moyer

We went to Texas this past weekend to visit Katie, Russ and their new baby Kaden. He is only 3 weeks old and so precious. I left one of my photo cards at Ashley and Sam's but here are some pictures of Kaden that I got with the card that made it home with us :)

That hairline is my favorite. Oh he's so cute.

prayer request

this was posted on my friend hannah's blog and it's with a heavy heart that I pass this along to all of you:

"clint, pratt and i come to you today with the heaviest of hearts. my doctor from home, dr. braden...his daughter (erin) and her husband (ben) have a five year old little girl. zoe is her name. zoe goss. from my limited understanding...they believe zoe has been diagnosed with something called a neuroblastoma. probably stage three. stage four being the worst. these people are a wonderful, wonderful family...both sides. the braden the goss'. i could go on and on about dr. braden. i'll just say this. i know no one who gives more of himself than larry braden. he started the christian health clinic in camden several years ago. this is a place where people can come and get medical and dental care for free.i'm going to cut and paste dr. braden's email. it was sent to close friends...and was forwarded to my sister. she forwarded it to me. i would hate to get anything wrong as far as the facts go...

Goodeve everyone,

Just got home. What a ride thusfar. We still don't have any absolutes but Zoe's oncologist (still doesn't make sense that our beloved Zoe would need an oncologist) is certain we are working against a neuroblastoma...probably stage 3.As stages go the higher the number the worse it is and stage 4 is the highest. If he is right she will go back to ACH next week for the instillation of a port and a bone marrow biopsy. If that biopsy shows tumor cells her tumor will be advanced in classification to stage 4. If it is negative then stage 3.We also await "biologics" and one genetic study. If any of these are positive and she is stage 3, then "stage 3 high risk". If these "biologics" and genetic exams are negative, and she is stage 3, then stage 3 intermediate risk". If the latter, then 6 to 9 months of chemotherapy with hope for a surgical resection along the way. If stage 3 high risk then 9 to 13 months chemotherapy with hope for a sugical resection along the way. If surgical resection remains impossible following the expected shrinkage by chemotherapy, then radiation to the abdomen. If radiation, then "her ovaries will be moved to her thighs to maintain her eventual fertility".Sounds pretty complicated...it is. She will remain "relatively isolate" so long as she is being treated. Kindergarten is out of the question. Erin and Ben are considering home schooling and we understand the school district can (must if we ask) provide a teacher. Because she can have only very restricted contact with other children. An early birthday party (her birthday is June 21) has been planned...tomorrow eve 6 pm..."Holiday Lanes"...a bowling alley in Texarkana. All are invited.The oncologist was asked specifically about church and yes, she can come to church. "She must sit at the back of the congregation wearing a mask and all must wave at her from afar. She cannot attend Sunday School." She has been, as she always has been, through this experience, a remarkable lady. Quiet, fun-filled and always seeking, exploring. As soon as she could she asked me, repeatedly, to "just go for a walk." As she insisted on helping with IV care and the like she has been dubbed "HRN" (honorary registered nurse) and was presented with her own (a real and working) stethascope.In spite of the circumstance we have experienced remarkable blessings, most notably what seems best described as a "compassionate solidarity": Prayer, cards, phone calls, visits and emails from everywhere.Erin says she quietly visualizes a coincident and dense efflux of energy from North America calling to heaven for help...for strength and for healing. Please do not end your praying....pray even more intensely....please.

my heart breaks as i re-read that email. i don't know how you find the strength to do what you're required to do...as a parent. as a grandparent. no, that's wrong. i do. the strength is found in God. and in prayer. and in spreading the word to any and all you can tell. so i'm begging you...each one of you...please please please forward this to as many as you can. i know so many of you have children. and i don't know how you do all of this with a little five year old girl. how do you begin to explain what is happening. clint says you don't. i guess he's right. if you have a blog, i beg you to post this. we touch so many lives with these. please, please, please help. one more thing...kelly from kelly's korner once said of her little harper...don't just pray for harper...but pray for all those babies that are sick. she's right. pray for all of the kiddos fighting for their health. thanks for reading. i hope you each have a wonderful week. i'll update with more as soon as i know more."

Will you take a moment to pray for this family and especially, this little girl?