Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't Blink

Somewhere along the way my two little boys grew up.
Without asking my little babies turned into big boys.
It's so true that if you blink you'll miss it.
Who knew two little boys could drive you crazy and melt your heart all at the same time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And it just keeps snowing!

We have had a crazy amount of snow around here, as most of you already know, reaching up to 20+ inches! Last week, when we had our initial snow we were really sick with a stomach bug and now we're recovering from some coughing cooties. I guess it's best that we've had to be inside since we would have had to stay home anyway! All I want to do is eat, duh. Either the sun comes out or I'm going to weigh 500 lbs. I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies today so I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating them :) We've really enjoyed all of our family time and today we had to get down right creative so our children would not go stir crazy!
First, we fished for ice cubes. This was super fun! It's supposed to encourage hand/eye coordination and even though it was not a challenge for jackson he had a great time with it. You just put a bunch of ice cubes in a big bowl of water and then scoop them out one by one with a slotted spoon into a new bowl.
Then we experimented with different food coloring in jars to see what colors we could make.
Jackson was so excited each time to find out what the end result was going to be!
Dad wowed us further and made jarred tornadoes.
We ate a lot yesterday - taco soup for lunch and Amanda's Pork Tenderloin for dinner so tonight I think we'll have BLT's because who doesn't love bacon? I'll be honest - I'm reallllly excited about the forecast in the 50's next week!!!