Monday, June 30, 2008

Month 8 in review

Well this has definitely been a month of firsts for Jackson. He started cruising along the furniture, climbing on and over everything, we went to the zoo (and left our camera!), he stayed in the nursery during the entire church service and we're cutting tooth number 5. Teething this time around hasn't been nearly as bad as it was when we were cutting four at the same time but he still doesnt feel good and you can tell. Jackson's gotten so much better at 'sitting down' from his standing first it was really scary but now he just plops right down like such a big boy.

The boy is very tired of baby food - I think it's the mushiness. If you give him 'real' food he gobbles it up faster than you can feed it to him so I guess we are definitely phasing out of the baby food convenience and into big boy mode. Currently he loves cottage cheese(well, cheese in general, bananas, avocado,'puffs', crackers and his trusty earth's best teething biscuits. This month we add in protein so that should be interesting.

I can't believe he will be a year old in 3 months...that just doesnt seem real.

He's FINALLY saying mama - I thought he was only going to say dadda...I was seriously considering changing my name to that!

We have a really big week ahead of us...Nonni and funcle are coming to visit tonight and Aunt MayMay is coming on Wednesday! Then we head to Arkansas for the big 4th of July bash at Gina's... we can't wait! Many pictures to we'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

favorite recent pictures of my little man

Up Close and Personal
Give pooh kisses
He loves books
Best face ever:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Good grief I can't keep up with this boy! Jackson pulled up by himself for the first time almost 3 weeks ago and this week he started walking along the furniture. At first he was really slow and taking his time, now he zips down the couch so fast I have to lunge after him!

He's been crawling since he was 5 months old but it's always been a wierd one armed army crawl. What's funny is that now, even though he still crawls the same way, he will push up on his arms and crawl with a full crawl a few steps before he is about to pull up on something. So, we know he can do it, he just chooses to do the "jackson" crawl instead :)

Here he is this morning when he decided to style his hair with cereal:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

one more thing...

Pulling up all by himself:

In all of the craziness that has gone in with the moving process, I knew Jackson would hit some sort of milestone and of course, he did. The day before we moved to Mississippi, he pulled up on the window sill all by himself! I was so proud and of course we clapped and made a huge deal out of it so Jackson wanted to do it a hundred times just to hear us clap like his personal paparazzi. I’m pretty sure the boy will never have any self-esteem problems! Anyway, we are so proud and of course I documented with pictures. He’s starting to try to stand on his own with out holding on to anything and I know that it won’t be long before he is walking…makes me so sad that he is growing up so fast. Everyone tells you that time flys by and it’s a bittersweet truth. Man - I love that little boy.

we're here!

Oh my goodness it has been the craziest week ever...EVER! We are trying our best to unpack but Jackson seems to have other plans for our day - mostly watching the Jackson show ;). We took a break today from all of the hustle and bustle to take a few pictures of the boy and the ducks in our back yard:
The Mama duck and her babies
The Men
And of course the boy