Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

This may have been the very first Easter I have not spent with my side of the family. It was really hard on me at first, but we are blessed enough to not have to spend it all alone. I had to work over the weekend so we weren't able to go too far out of town. I got off at 715 Sunday morning and got home just in time to see Jackson find his easter basket full of goodies.
He enjoyed his first "chocolate" as you can tell by the chocolate ring around his mouth!
We then headed up to Ben's dad and Glennis' house since they are only 45 minutes up the road to go to church with them and Ben's sister Diana and family. We enjoyed the very moving church service and then headed back to the house for some yummy food and inside play since it decided to rain all day! As you can tell later, the kids did.not.care. that it was raining - they wanted to play on the new swing Glennis made! Here are a few pictures from our day. And no, I didn't go to sleep at all, like usual on Sunday, which made for some AWESOME sleep Sunday night :)
Here's sweet Baby Hudson who just got his first new tooth!
Me after I had a powdered sugar explosion while making icing...

Our yummy food
Olivia making sure Jackson stayed in check - thank you Olivia!
And some super fun, muddy backyard swinging :)
Pawpaw and Cael
Jeff dancing a jig in the rain as they were leaving. It was also Jeff's birthday - we hope he had a happy one!

Although I could not be with my side of the family due to the distance and work schedule it was a really nice, very fun Easter Sunday. We always have a great time at Pawpaw and Gigi's house. I hope all of ya'll had a great one as well :)

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Courtney said...

I got off at 8 am Sunday morning too. I also got no sleep until I passed out on the couch around 9:30 pm.