Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Fun and Festivities

This past Thursday we had our Fall Festival Playgroup and it was such a blast! We usually split up into two groups since we all have a million children but this was our once a month "big" get together and it was so much fun! The boys dressed up like a Robot and Cowboy this year, they were so cute - and how precious are they holding hands? I love that right now they love eachother. I have a feeling I'll be clinging to that in about 5 years - ha!
There were games for them to play and tons of treats along with goody bags and a hot dog and chili buffet. Tracy did a wonderful job hosting and went all out! Robin made her talented cookies and the kids swoop in on those like they are bricks of gold!
After seeing how much fun the kids had playing in this corn, I decided I need to go buy some for my own boys to play in. Maybe I'll replace it in the sandbox, it has to be easier to clean up than sand. Right?
Sunday, our church had Fall Fest. The Square was "re-seeding" so we they moved it to the parking lot instead. We all had a blast and never skipped a beat.
There were tons of people there, so many that for the first hour and a half we were standing in line for about 4 things! Jackson loved the giant slide, bouncy house and of course the horses. Look at that cowboy!
We ran into all of our new friends. Laurie, Kelly and Harper
Julie, Guy and that precious Lobster
Ben worked a volunteer station for part of the time and the boys were happy to get to have fun with him again when he was finished
Luke had enough so we headed to McAlister's about 8 - they had Kids Eat Free when you wear your costume
Great times with our church family and great times with my boys. Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


Rikki said...

Are you in Bentonville now??

Bethany said...

We are! We moved here in June.