Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We don't do scary at our house. I just don't like really scary things and I don't let the boys watch shows with big, scary bad guys. I mean, the world is scary enough and I want them to be guarded as long as possible. And good grief, my oldest is only 3! But, even the sweetest of shows (Veggie Tales and Blues Clues) have scary-ish episodes. Of course, from just these small influences, the wild imagination of a child takes off running.

For some reason, Jackson thinks it's fun to tell scary stories to each other, ones that are not at all scary but are as scary as it gets to him. As you can see in this picture (that makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it) today he was telling me a big one. He had this big elaborate story about a ghost that makes playground equipment disappear - truly his worst nightmare! Then, it's my turn. He finishes his story with a big oooooooh and then giggles and says, your turn! Here was my scary story:

"Once upon a time there was a Mommy who was kept up all night by two little boys. She barely got any sleep and woke up super early and super tired. Then, as she slowly crept into the kitchen she realized there was NO COFFEEEEE!!!!! AGGGHHHH!"

Ha! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday :)


Guy and Julie said...


I'm with you on scary things. Even Clifford has scary Halloween-y ghost-y episodes. We don't watch them. You're right, the world has enough evil and scary in it. There's no room in their little hearts for it so young.

How "Sweet" it is... said...

On the floor laughing...tears...lots of tears!! So funny...and yes, that picture so so funny...and your scary story is SO VERY VERY SCARY. That happened a week or so ago in our house and I piled everyone in the car at 7 am and drove through McDonald's for the "black gold"...cause this Mommy would have gotten SO much scarier without it :)

Rebecca Bany said...

My boys recently started telling me we should sit around a fire and tell scary stories. I guess they saw it on tv because we've never done that.