Saturday, January 31, 2009

16 months

From jan30
Bear will be 16 months old tomorrow. I remember when I thought he was such a big boy at 6 months! He's really turning into a little person and he is most definitely not a "baby" anymore...he hasn't been for a while now.

He's weighing in just under 27 lbs and is 33 inches tall. He has a pretty good vocabulary and has recenlty started saying yes or no to questions. Normally I can offer him something and he just takes it but last week, out of the blue, he started shaking his head no. We were at Target and I asked him if he wanted 'this truck' and tried to hand it to him...he pushed it back to me and shook his head no. I think I just stared at him for a few seconds because he caught me off guard! We went through that exchange at least 5 times before I found the one he was wanting...I love it.
From jan30

He's also my big time helper. He is exerting his "I want to do it" sense of self and whenever I fold towels he wants to take them to the linen closet or if I have something to throw away he asks me for it and then he throws it away. The other night he was about to get in the tub (one of his all time favorite things to do) and I took off his diaper and was about to put it on the counter to throw away later when he grabbed it, took off running (naked) to the kitchen trash can and threw it away...then clapped his hands. Yesterday I took the trash out of the can and set it into the garage and he got SO upset that I wouldnt let him carry it out there. I'm not really sure how long this "helper" will last, but I'm loving it while it does.Dancing has reached a new level. There's this song on the wiggles that gives commands and he follows all of them. He points his fingers, twists, goes up, goes down, spins around, all of it. I've got to get it on video and upload it so ya'll can see it. It is so, so cute. We are always watching the Wiggles it seems. We dance the day away and I love how much he loves music and loves to dance. He is definitely my kid.
From jan30
That boy loves him some trucks. Loves.Loves.Loves them. He plays with them constantly, takes them to the tub with him and we even have one that goes with us in the car. I clean his room every night after he goes to bed and line his trucks up (there's atleast 15 of them) and every morning he runs into his room, straight for the trucks and with one swoop knocks them out of line. It's hilarious. Friday night of last week I didnt clean his room before I went to work and Ben said when he got up Saturday morning he ran into his room and just stopped short, let out this pitiful sigh and then ran into the living room. How funny is that?

His climbing is getting out of control. He can be on the floor then on the kitchen table in two seconds flat. I think when I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum and then Ocean's 13 while pregnant he was listening very carefully on how to operate some stealth moves. It amazes me how strong and agile he is. He is most definitely 110% boy.
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We go 90 mph all day, every day. We dance to the wiggles, laugh at the cats, build towers with blocks, read tons of books and play with his trucks. No complaints here :)


Anonymous said...

He is too adorable.
Alex used to line his trucks/cars up to. Must be some boy thing!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I forgot to put my name!!


hannah fulks said...

he is so handsome! such a wonderful mix of the two of you.

mom2k said...

Tell Daddy to build him a sandbox like Karleigh's! Kole has discovered the one Ben and Dad built and he LOVES it! He drives his tractor and trucks all through the sand!