Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm blogging at 2am. Insomniac? No. Crazy? Quite possibly. Truthfully I'm working an overnight shift. My first one and so far so good. I have a feeling I'm going to fade around 4. Maybe I should have saved this until then. We'll see.

I'm not sure how to handle being able to blog without my little man running circles around me, climbing into my lap and punching some computer code on the keyboard that only he and the guys at MIT know about. Serioulsy. There have been a few times when Ben and I have wondered if we're going to have to call in the "geek squad" to undo some voodoo button Jackson has pushed on the laptop. How are kids so good with new technology? Jackson knows where the power button on the laptop is, the play button on the dvd player, the power button on the remote and the play and stop buttons on his cd player. All learned on his own. That boy can watch you do something one time and do it perfectly. Today he got an empty water bottle and took the lid off and put it back on. Like, twisted it back on. Maybe all kids can do this at 15 months but he never ceases to amaze me.

I haven't blogged about Jackson and what he's up to in a while so here goes. He's starting to talk. Like, really talk. He's got a few 2 word sentences. He loves to get a sound of a letter and say it back to you. Recently it's been the "k" and "t" sounds. He has those fridge magnets and you can say Jackson which letter says 'kuh' and he'll go and get the C and put it in. Crazy. We're also dealing with him exercising his independence...better known as defiance. If he has something that he isn't supposed to and you ask for it, he'll run in the opposite direction and throw it as far away as he can, and then look back at you like "what lip gloss?" And you can FORGET getting his consent to dress him or change his diaper. He'll come up to me when he's got a dirty diaper and say "uh oh peepees" and then bolt like he's on the opposing team of a flag football game and he's the only one left with a flag. I bet I tell him a billion times a day that he's a rotten potato. Because he is. And for those of you discipline nazis, go take your blood pressure medicine, he does get in trouble for acting like this... he's just a button pusher. Just like his mom. Need I go into the 'I stabbed my cousin with pliers because she wouldn't share her toy with me' story again? Didn't think so. We'll get there. I know that consistency is key and it just takes time, which Lord willing, we have plenty of.

Eating has become a little bit more difficult. Old Jackson would eat anything and everything put in front of him and new Jackson is getting more picky. He got sick for the very first time this week. The "sick" I talked about in a previous post was the horrific stomach virus that we caught while visiting family over the christmas break. We all got it. My visiting mom and brother included. Up until this past Monday, for the first 15 months of his life, Jackson has never, ever been sick. I'm talking not even a fever. His nose would run clear every now and again if he was teething but that was it. Monday night...well I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't pretty. The amazing part though was how resilient and upbeat he was through it. Once he "got it all out" each time he would just look up at me and smile, hug me tight and be good to go until he got sick again. Oh to have the energy and bounce back ability of a child.

Basically, he's just my favorite. Unless you couldn't tell. He is as cute as he can possibly be and rotten to match. What 15 month old baby isn't?

On another note it is officially the month of love. Yes, I do know that Valentine's Day is in February but I got married in January. Ben and I will be married 4 whole years on the 29th and boy does time fly by when you're having fun. Ben and I have the most amazing marriage and it just keeps getting better. Everyone said 'Just wait until you've been married a few years" and then "just wait until after you've had a baby". blah blah blah. that's what I say to that. It gets better and better with every situation and every day that passes by. I am one lucky girl and boy do I know it. I know how precious these times in life are, when things are going so good and don't think I take it for granted.

Can you tell that I don't know how to handle myself with all this time to just blab away on here? Fabulous. If I keep this shift we'll make my middle of the night ramblings a weekly event. I know. The excitement of that is overwhelming. ;)


Matt said...

Glad yall made it thru the bug. Kills you when ur kid is sick doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

yes- yall are going to have to call in the geek squad at some point. kids instinctively know how to press the right buttons (no pun intended :)) i think will is going to grow up to be a deejay. hes had plenty of practice with his veggie tales cd!!