Wednesday, January 28, 2009

surprises around every corner

We've a great past two days that have been equally productive. Yesterday we had bear's 15 month check up. It went really well. He's in the 80th %tile for height and 75th %tile for weight. Everyone tells us he looks like a 2 year old and I guess this would be why. We got a very healthy report - such a blessing. Jackson's personality continues to shine... in the middle of the dr answering my questions he just starts breaking it down dancing and singing wearing nothing but his diaper and socks. Our dr said "look at that rhythm!" I just shook my head, that boy... I thought jackson had 12 teeth but the dr pointed out a new one breaking through the skin and another that was really swollen so we are approaching 14. That's pretty crazy considering he didn't have any teeth until he was almost 7 months old. The shots weren't that bad, only two, and the nurse we had was hilarious. She came in after the dr and after she gave him the shots (and he screamed) she said "I know, did that mosquito bite the baby? That bold ol' mosquito bit that baby!" Jackson stopped crying and just looked at her all bewildered. It was priceless.

We also got a Wii Fit yesterday and Ben and I stayed up until 11 playing it. I thought I was going to have to wait until March to find one but we really lucked out. It is so much fun. Ben is actually down hill skiing as we speak, lol. We rocked out yoga, aerobics, running, tight rope walking and skiing. I really want the jillian dvd bc let's be honest, she's hardcore and I need her to be kicking my butt everyday!

Today we were very pleasently surprised with a snow day. Ben got to stay home and everything. I don't know why a random day off is any different from a weekend but for some reason I'm always much more productive on these days. I got the whole house cleaned while Ben and Jackson were was so relaxing for me when I finished. We played in the snow a little bit but MAN was it cold! We're told we may get more ice tomorrow but that seems too good to be true...we'll see.

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Laura said...

great post. Keep 'em coming little mama. :)