Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I just don't know

anybody else follow the April Rose blog? If not, consider yourself lucky. About a month back I found a link to the blog from MckMama's blog asking for prayers for a young girl pregnant with a Trisomy 13 child. One of my dearest friends little girl Aubrey as well as Ben's little sister were Trisomy babies and I will always, always have a special place in my heart for them. Long story short, after months of updates, photos, prayer requests, scripture after scripture it has come to light that this person who stated they were pregnant was, in fact, not. Some still stand by her but evidently the picture she posted was of a very popular doll. The blog has since been removed.

I'm sad. Sad that she felt the need to mislead people and sad that so many were misled in the process. Regardless of the whys or hows I ask that we all pray for her. She obviously needs prayers more than we all originally realized and I encourage you to pray along with me. This is not the time or the place to be ugly, bash, call names, etc. I'm just asking that we pray for her. I thought about not even posting this but I think the prayers are necessary.

Here is a post on MckMama's blog that goes into a little more detail.

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Courtney said...

Oh girl. I read it to. I have been reading MckMama's blog since she was pregnant with Stellan. It's so wrong that someone would do something like that.