Wednesday, June 10, 2009

things of the sort

So I have been meaning to sit down and write about Jackson turning 20 months and what he's been up to for oh, 10 days now. Better late than never, right?
Gigi told us we need to start keeping a Jackson dictionary - here are a few translations:
Gadingadinga - nonni's cat rebel dean
ball hat - football helmet
hot truck - lawn mower
bapple zsuss - apple juice
puhpell- purple
booooooo chuck - wants to drive the car
good-to-guhguh - good to go

There are many more but we'll leave them at that for now. The last one is my favorite. I will say, "Jackson...are you doody?" and he will say, "I good-to-guhguh" which usually means nothing bc he HATES having his diaper changed. Other than running and playing constantly we don't do much else. We got him a sand table that he likes only in 5 minute poor ADD child.

He's still a great eater and will try new things with ease. Monday night I made salmon and he took a big bite, spit it out and said, "ugh dat chicken" Hilarious. At least he tried. He is obsessed with all things truck, tractor, train and plane. My aunt Missy and her family came through last week and brought him a santa sack full of toys including a very cool fire truck and a tractor book that we've read 1309843 times since. He's recently into puzzles and has learned to try again instead of getting frustrated and walking away...he gets that from me. I won't lie.
In other news, Jackson is going to be a big brother. Yep. Here I am at 14 weeks.I have been SO sick. I'm really hoping it's on its way out the door - which it seems to be. I'm actually wanting to eat things these days. Usually really salty, vinegary things. Nothing sweet AT ALL. We're really excited about our little end of the year bundle and we're looking forward to July 15th when we find out if Jackson is getting a brother or sister...we'll see :) I know, I know - Why are we waiting till now to tell? Well, we had some pretty scary dr visits in the beginning but everything seems to be going well now. We had our last ultrasound at 10 weeks and the baby looked great and measured 11 weeks - a week ahead, just like Jackson always did. We know that anything can happen but we are trusting the Lord and giving him glory no matter what happens. We hope you will pray along with us as we make the venture to being a family of four :)


Ben said...

I have a few more to add to the Jacksonary:

Dizzies: Wiggles
Juzzie: Jules
Dat!: That
TFFFFFTee!: Tufty
Deeez: Airplane
RRRuhh Deez: Red Airplane
Boo: Blue

Love that boy!

Courtney said...

OMG! Congrats girl! Seriously we've been trying since March and nothing. Boo! I guess when the Lord feels it's time he'll provide. I like how you just casually just threw that in there. Ha ha.

Laura said...

Bethany!!! Congratulations! I don't know if I should be more surprised at your announcement or that it came in the second half of a post about baby speak, lol. We are so happy for you and I think you should have as many babies as you can - because any child with you as a mother is a lucky, lucky child. :) Yay!

Ben and Bethany said...

Thank ya'll.

Laura - what a very, very sweet thing to say. That means so much.

And yeah - I like to be sneaky :)

Anonymous said...

What about "Vrroomm truck" which meant the tractor???
I am SO glad he likes the tractor book! He will definitely have to ride Jackie's if you all get to come!
Congrats again on the new little angel!!


Lauren McKnight said...

Bethany!!! (And Ben)!!! Congratulations! I echo Laura's sentiments about what amazing parents you guys are. What lucky kiddos (look--plural!) you have. I will definitely be praying for a safe and uneventful 7 or so months for you. Again, I am so excited, happy, thrilled, etc, etc for you!

mom2k said...

Congratulations!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations, Bethany!!! I miss you and wish I were around to witness this pregnancy in action, also. :) Best wishes for your beautiful family.

Courtney said...

Nope. You didn't miss it. lol, No one commented. I will send you some stuff this week.