Friday, June 26, 2009

Name Me! A contest

This is my brother's kitten that we found in the park. We have yet to find a name that fits her. Here's the deal. Submit your name or names - as many as you want and if my brother picks one of your names I will send you a $5 Target gift card! Remember, she's a girl.BIG DISCLAIMER - he's super, super picky and may not pick any of the names SO just so you know before entering there may not be a winner. But what the heck, enter anyway!


Anonymous said...

ashes!!! sooo I cant stand yall anymore!!

Twila said...

I have a few that come to mind:

Piper, Chloe, Dash, Jade, Poppy and Sage

I could go on for days cause I love animals and naming them is so fun.

Thanks for letting us in on this fun!

Anonymous said...

nila, alley, cleo

She's cute!

Angie Elizandro

Catherine said...

I think Becca is a cool name.

Lauren McKnight said...

That is one beautifuly kitty! How about Layla, Onyx or Slate? I can't wait to see what name your brother picks out. My brother is the same way. Took him forever to name his dog 8 years ago when he got it. Then he named her Jenny...after Jenny McCarthy. Yeah, it took that long to pick out plain ol' Jenny.

Anonymous said...

I think "Missy's cat" will do!! Oh my goodness I love this kitty and wishes it were mine!! I am so lovin her!! Hmm, you found her in the park in Southhaven.... Haven? Raven? Sky or Skylar? Heck I dunno, but she is darn precious!!!
Missy -

Anonymous said...

Dawn here....I thought of Daffy...but I think Ashes was also a cute name someone mentioned. She looks kind of like a Zebra too. Missy wants this cat so if you do not keep her then she will take it gladly. oh I know....SOFIA! Madison has always liked that name.

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox

Laura said...

with those grey eyes - how about Athena - maybe just 'thena for short?

I'm also a fan of:

MJ (maybe I watch too much news)


hannah said...

layla and thena. those are my favorites.

yes, i copied. i have no originality. i mean, come on. my child's name is my maiden name :)

Nonni said... need to post that Jackson Named the cat...Her name is...............GADINGA..YES GA...DING...A....The best is when he calls her...dinga dinga