Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Once upon a time there was a cute little boy...
who loved to play with trucks.
One day while he was playing with his trucks
his mother noticed he was lining them up in a neat line.
He then went about choosing two at a time to play with.Luckily some things, like hamming it up, never change.
The End.


Anna said...

Alex ALWAYS lined his up - go figure!

Courtney said...

Cutie pie! Any names in the running for #2 yet?

hannah said...

isn't it great that you get to see him do those things? i mean, that you are with him enough to watch him line all those trucks up like that? and then play with two at a time. sometimes when i think that i can't possibly play on the floor one more day, i remember how blessed i am to be here.

thanks for the pictures. he really is the cutest little boy with his little new balances on.

Nonni said...

Awe Nonni loves his sweet sweet cute...:)