Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan 11/9-11/15

This week I plan to have a new blog up called, "The Big Red Pot". It will be in addition to this one but we've decided to make this blog just about our family and possibly go private. The new blog will be mostly recipes, menu plans, product reviews and hopefully some fun giveaways. I think it will be a really fun way to have 'projects' outside of my new venture of being a stay at home mom.

But until then, here is our menu plan for the week. Trying to keep it simple so we can finish up some projects we have around the house. I plan on making a big pot of some sort of soup to eat on for lunch this week along with the usual other lunch options: sandwiches, salads or leftovers.

Monday: turkey pepperoni pizza crescents, salad and fresh fruit
Tuesday: chicken salad sandwiches and homemade sweet potato fries
Wednesday: lemon chicken, rice, fresh green beans
Thursday: brown bag burritos (put extra in the freezer)
Friday: Breakfast casserole and Homemade cinnamon rolls
Saturday: Out to eat with a certificate that expires soon
Sunday: Cola Braised Roast, mashed potatoes, green peas and biscuits

As far as baking goes: I'm planning on trying to make these pumpkin scones and a pan of brownies ben has been requesting for over a week now. I'll post later what happened when we made brownies last week...


Courtney said...

I am family!! lol, mmm yum pumpkin scones. I made these pumpkin spice walnut muffins to eat at life group last night. I also made extra to eat on for breakfast this week. Sweet Potatoe Fries = Awesome!

Traci said...

Ha Ha.....I call mine the "Love Pot"
Cause everything in it is cooked with love...<3

Jamie said...

Bethany, I love your blog. You are such a neat and fun person!