Saturday, November 28, 2009


This little boy...

This little boy I love.

And Lord willing, this time next week, I'll have two.

What a blessed woman I am...and I am ever grateful.

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Rikki said...

And I know that all of the explanation in the world cannot prepare you for this but you will love the 2nd one just as much as the 1st!!! I PROMISE! There is room enough in your heart for more than one of those kinds of love....I know it's hard to believe but trust me. You will love them differently but just as much. I have so enjoyed the adjustment to having two. It isn't easy by any means, but now that Lauren is older and able to interact more, Rachel loves it! She LOVES her little sister and no one can make Lauren laugh like she can. It is just precious to see them together and I look forward to many more years of this...of course, until the fighting comes but it is so much fun. I will be praying for a safe delivery this next week and that everything turns out just like you want it.