Thursday, March 11, 2010

time's a wastin...

If I thought life was crazy with a toddler it didn't have anything on life with two wild eyed and bushy tailed little boys. As is evidenced by my lack of blogging, we are just pretty busy these days. It's not anything out of the ordinary that occupies our days. Just your regular, run of the mill, extraordinary life that we have been blessed with.

Luke turned 3 months old March 1st. I'm not really sure how/when that happened. I can't even explain how fast things have gone this time around. It's like I woke up and he was 3 month's old. He rolled over for the first time this past Saturday - those chubby legs defied all laws of physics with that one! He laughs, coos and has these rambly "conversations" where he makes it very clear that he has something important to say. Oh and you better give the boy eye contact when he's talking to you. If not, the conversation immediately turns into a hissy fit. You look back at him, he smiles and picks up where he left off. Evidently my genes run strong. I'm scared to put this into print because I just know I'm going to jinx it but he, dare I say it out loud, sleeps all night long now. Like, from 8pm to 7am sleeps all night. Thank You Jesus!

Oh Jackson. Where do I even begin with this boy? He is so crazy. I'm laughing out loud as I type this. He is just so fun, a complete joy. Rotten as it gets but hilarious all the while. He talks non-stop. I get asked questions It goes like this:
Jackson: "Why Mommy?"
Me: "I don't know why Jackson."
Jackson: "Well why don't you know Mommy?"
I've just started making stuff up.
Jackson:"What's his name Mom?"
Me: "Bob."
Jackson: "Oh."

Jackson is very observant and takes in the world like a sponge. He knows his alphabet by recognition and memorization, he knows what sound each letter makes and is starting to read 3-letter words. He loves for you to read to him and would read every book we own all at once if you let him. I wish I could convey his personality to those of you who don't get to spend time with him every day. He is hilarious and sassy all at the same time. It's getting really hard for Ben and me to get on to him without laughing in the process. I'm just going to start documenting conversations on here so I don't forget them.

Here's what happened the other day: We were watching Super Why with lunch. Nothing new. It was about the 3 little pigs. Fast forward to about 30 minutes later he's getting pretty cranky as we head to naptime. I don't remember what he did but he got put in time-out. While in time out I hear him blowing in my direction.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Jackson: "Blowing you down."

Aaaaand Nap!

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hannah said...

"blowin you down"....

i see that he got his momma and his daddy's personality. this is so, so funny. please continue to document what he says. adorable.

and how in the world does luke look exactly like you, and his daddy AND his big brother?! i never realized how much you and ben looked like each other. so precious.