Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a year ago...almost

I found this in my notes on facebook and forgot that I had written it. I had been tagged in a "list 25 random things about yourself" deal. For those of you not on facebook:

25 things
Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 2:14pm

1) My mom actually had a different name picked out for me until a friend of hers named her daughter that EXACT name 2 weeks before I was born. I should totally thank her though - I got the better end of that stick.

2) I hate negativity. There is always, always, always something positive you can say or find in any situation. You'd be amazed at what a good word can do and how powerful your negative words are. I've seen so many broken hearts and broken people due to what others have said.

3) Building on #2 I avoid the media at all cost. It is full of negativity - especially concerning body image. If you know me I'm pro self esteem and magazines especially do nothing to help that cause.

4) I had Jackson's name picked out back in 2001 after babysitting an adorable little boy named Jeffrey Jackson ------. They called him Jack but Jackson is what stuck with me. ok, we've actually got all of our kids names picked out. muahahahaha.

5) I ran a 5k when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with Jackson. I plan on doing this with all of my pregnancies, Lord willing.

6) I was really mean up until the 2nd or 3rd grade. Like stab people with plyers and put dishwashing soap in their icee mean.

7) I dislike denominations in churches and more importantly people who feel like they get to go through a bigger, shinier gate in Heaven because they are part of a more spirit filled denomination. I mean, really?

8) I'm not shy. At.All. You have something you want to talk about but have been too embarassed to say something? I'm your girl.

10) I really get upset with judgemental people. Passing judgement is one of the worst attributes you can have...especially on people you just "heard" something about. There are so many other positive, encouraging things you can be spending your energy on. I promise. Especially when most of the time, you're wrong.

11) I wholeheartedly believe in Mental Health. If you had a sinus infection you wouldn't hesitate to go the dr...why is your depression any different?

12) I love wood floors. The real kind that are really dark and kind of worn. So southern.

13) My family on my moms side is so stinkin fun. We have parties for just about anything. Everyone wants to be part of "the family" - I miss being closer to everyone.

14) I'm going to get my PhD in the next few years. Move over Dr. Phil. Shi Shi Sha.

15) I have 4 really close friends that live in 3 different states than me.

16) I love being an adult. I can eat powdered doughnuts for dinner, stay up till 4 am watching movies or stay in my pj's all day if I wanted.

17) I have one brother who is 11 years and 11 months (almost to the day) younger than me. We are surprisingly really close.

18) I'm addicted to couponing. This year alone I've stayed under budget and saved over $500. I could fill my living room floor with my 'stash' of free stuff.

19) I'm a conservative hippy. Politically and Morally I'm pretty conservative but I'm all about organic food, breastfeeding, baby wearing, attatchment style parenting, etc.

20) I only buy organic milk. No exceptions. Ben's dad freaked me out about this one.

21) I work the overnight shift on friday and saturdays at a hospital in town and I actually really like it.

22) I could chip and dip myself to death. I can't put into words how much I love to snack.

23) If I were to be stranded on a desert island I would take Ben, Jackson and the glazed cast iron pot I got for Christmas

24) My best friend Mary and I went by code names every time we went out. Who knows who people across 3 states think we are. lol.

25) I frequently talk in accents, random ones. Just out of the blue. This one I gratefully owe to my mother. :)

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