Friday, July 23, 2010

one on one

Tonight Ben and Jackson are out and about having some "dad and bear" one on one time. We try and give the boys as much individualized attention as we can, but man, it's so difficult to feel like you're really letting each of them know how special they are. While they were out I got to have some very special one on one time with Luke. My little man. Gosh I just love him. I love how he calls for me when I leave the room, how he lets me snuggle him as much as I want to and how easy going his spirit is. The house was so quiet with the two big boys gone, we were able to just love on eachother until he drifted off to sleep. My little Luke...snug as a bug in a sleepsack rug. :)

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Jeremy and Vonda said...

So sweet!!! I am so glad to have found your blog.