Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Box of Memories

Our church does a wonderful clothing ministry each year where they take donations from people within the church and then set up the family life center with tons of clothes to give to the community in need. I just love that. Anything that will bless those less fortunate is something I'm very passionate about. I felt God move in me to donate to the clothing drive when we were in church this past Sunday - if you knew how many bags of clothes I have to give away, you would be thinking big deal needed to get rid of those clothes anyway! And it's true, it was no sacrifice for me to give my or ben's clothes away. The kicker? I felt God telling me to give the boys baby clothes too. I had two boxes of baby clothes. Ones that I thought I might consign or garage sale and another of just random stuff that nobody would probably buy and that I secretly wanted to hang on to. I dont know why, I'm just sentimental like that. As I was going through the boxes, choosing what would go and what would stay, I was flooded with memories. I mean, essentially two little lives have been lived in what was in this box. Laughs, crys, the first time they said Mama or Dada. It was overwhelming. But, the Bible tells us, "Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth." Col 3:2. God has been so good to us, blessing our family beyond imagination, it is my pleasure to be able to bless someone else with these clothes. So, I just gave it all away. Save a few very special outfits that went in their memory box, the rest will clothe another little boy. I hope that the love, grace and mercy of Jesus will pour out to others through these clothes and I'm so thankful God allowed me to play a tiny part in it.


Megan said...

I love this Bethany! So true!!

Vonda Axe said...

I shed a tear thinking of the memories from outgrown clothes. It was nice to know you felt the same way.