Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Round Up

When we lived just south of Memphis we were really close to Pawpaw and Gigi's house. We went to visit at least once a month, but usually much more often. Moving farther away from them has been really hard on us but we understand and trust Gods will for our lives. It was our first time back since the big move this past weekend and it was an adventure to say the least. Let's start from the beginning. Last Wednesday we went to see Addison down in Fayetteville as he moved into the dorms. Big man on campus - lock up your daughters!
When we pulled into the parking lot, Regina was hugging the boys and looked down at our front tire and said, "ooh, need to check that out" and sure enough, when Ben looked at it he said that we needed a new tire. Blech. Of course, since it was on the front, we could not just get one new tire, we had to get two. Double blech. So, we call around and get someone to change them and luckily they can be done by the time we head out Friday around lunch. No big deal, right? Well sorta. In order to drop the car off, we had to take Ben's Honda over...and she doesn't have air. August. Real feel 110. No air. Heaven help us! But, we managed and Jackson, being the goofball he is, thought it was super fun to ride in Dad's car with the windows down. I digress. I like to leave the house clean before we go on a trip but the boys were trying their hardest to unite their messy forces against me. Exhibit A.
We finally get on the road, heading to Pawpaw and Gigi's with Luke screaming most of the way because homeboy does not like being in the car, when our back tire blows out - I kid you not! We were maybe 10 minutes from their house when Ben had to pull over and put us on a doughnut. We just had to laugh, because seriously, 3 tires in one day, what can you do but laugh. We were so happy to finally be there, especially the boys. They have really missed them.
As you can see, they each took their turn snuggling PawPaw
Friday night while trying to show off his mad crawling and pulling up skills, Luke got a little too excited and got his very first fat lip. Poor thing.
Something we didn't miss? The intense humidity. It was so, so humid there. I kept trying to take pictures outside and my lens would fog up!
Sunday came too soon, as it always does and we headed back home. We stopped in R'ville at Reginas where we were well fed and got to visit with Ria. Another plus was that the big boys could swim, Luke could nap and I could shop at Kroger. Woot. We had a blast visiting everyone and had a great weekend...can't wait to do it again!


Courtney said...

3 tires?! That is crazy! Good thing you could laugh through it. Yes it's soooo humid down here! We are going to NC for labor day and guess where we are stopping on the way home.....KROGER!!! Woo hoo!

Bethany said...

Yes! Crazy, indeed. And woo hoo for Kroger - I hope you love it!

Nonni said...

I love the toilet paper pic...lol...Well I'm glad yall had fun...;)