Sunday, March 29, 2009

lock it

so jackson can open the door now. No, not a latch door, a real turn the knob to get out kind of door.

Last week I told him it was time to come in from being outside, brought him in and shut the door behind me. Ben was in the kitchen and jackson ran back to the door, opened it and let himself back outside. As Ben is telling me what happened (I was in the other room the first time) I said that I must have just not closed it all the way because there's no way that our child who is not even 18 months old yet can open a door. To prove me wrong he brought jackson back inside and told him to open the door and next thing you know - outside again in a flash.

This is not supposed to be happening this soon. sigh. somebody freeze time for me.


hannah fulks said...

Ill stop complaining about Pratt holding his own sippy cup. This is MUCH worse. Oh, and if you find someone able to freeze time...give them my cell number.

Katherine Maxey said...

yeah...just wait. at 2 will could not only open the door, but push a chair over to the counter, find the keys, locate the key that unlocked the door, unlock the DEADBOLT and then open the door. the fun has just begun :)