Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Country Time Lemonade at Kroger

There are lots of great deals at Kroger this week, including some great produce prices, but one of my favorite deals is this:

Country Time Lemonade containers are 10/10 - usually 3.99 each! Now, that sounds like a great deal but if you can print off the 1.50/2 coupon that is currently running on it will make these .25 cents each :)

Want to make it even better? Wait until tomorrow, 5/29 and you'll get a printout for 1.00 off your next purchase at Kroger...ultimately making them free plus a .50c money maker. Love it.

Kool Aid tubs are also 10/10 if you like Kool Aid. There's a 1.00/2 coupon which would make these .50 each. Not too shabby if you have a bunch of kids that you want to fill with something other than water ;)

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