Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going to Nonni's

Well, another whirlwind weekend cross country trip is behind us. We left Friday afternoon to go see Bethany's family in South Carolina. We stopped in Oxford, Alabama to spend the night. All the way there, we were talking up the pool to Jackson.

"Jackson, tonight we're gonna go see the wah wah!"

We were so excited about letting him swim again. As soon as we got settled in our room, Jackson was stripping his clothes off and asking for wah wah. So, we got him all geared up in his trunks and swim shirt - he LOVES that shirt for some reason- and headed to the pool.

Unfortunately, as soon as daddy jumped in, Jackson started freaking out- crying and heading away from that water as fast as he could. In fact, before Bethany could get to him, he was at the door to the pool scratching to get out of there like our cats do on our front door.

If he hadn't been so scared it would have been hilarious.

The next day, we got up early and headed east through Atlanta and on up into South Carolina. Jackson was very good up until the very end when we got stuck in stop-and-go traffic that seemed to have no cause. By that time he was tired of hearing about 'going to Nonni's house' and was ready to BE at Nonni's house.
We got there right at lunch time and had a delicious feast of (my favorite) Rosemary Wings from Publix, and a bunch of other really yummy food. Jackson ate like he hadn't eaten in days. We were so proud of him.

We had such a great time. Anderson is such a beautiful town and the weather was just perfect. It was great to see Traci, Madison, Lu Lu, and Pearl again; it felt like old times in Vilonia.

All in all it was one of the best visits we've ever had. We ate good, laughed a lot and spent a lot of quality time together. Bethany and I especially enjoyed all the time we got to spend right next to each other just riding down the road. It seems that lately we've been so busy that time together like that is hard to come by, so we soaked up every second of it.

Oh yeah and it was a very Happy Mothers' Day for both Bethany and Nonni - hope all of the other mothers out there had a great one too!


Hopewell said...

Nice looking kids. I love the name "Jackson" too, ever since "Steel Magnolias." I wanted to let you know the "prize" box arrived. My daughter was sooooooo exicted by the Glade air thingy!!! lol... The litter box is near her room--need I say more? Anyway, the budget hasn't stretched enough to buy one so she says THANKS. So do I! Thanks again.

Traci Susan Martin said...

Kids??? lol... Hey put up the pics of when yall first got here!!! J-Bear was so happpy to see Nonni!!