Friday, May 22, 2009


I was reading my friend Hannah's blog yesterday and she told a story about when she was little and her mom thought she was putting on a child-friendly Alice in Wonderland for her small children when in fact it was x-rated. Funny enough, this spawned a childhood memory of my own...
When I was in the 3rd grade we had moved back to Meridian, Ms while my dad was serving a one year tour in Korea (Air Force). We lived in a cute little townhouse that backed up to some woods, or at least I remember them as woods, it was probably nothing more than a patch of 10 trees. Anyway, I digress.

One night, while living in Meridian my mom let me have 3 friends from church of which was one of the pastor's daughters. My mom always made sure to have tons of snacks, games and movies for when I had friends over and this time was no exception. She had gone to the library and gotten us The Emperor's New Clothes and at the end of the night put the movie in while she went upstairs. Next thing you know, we're screaming and giggling which prompted her to come downstairs, pause for maybe half a second before bolting to the TV to turn it off...

Are you familiar with the story? If not, let me summarize: There's an emperor obsessed with looks and a guy who decides to swindle him by making him invisible clothes that are all the rage. Needless to say, there are parts where he prances around naked and in this a little too true to life cartoon we saw a chunky old man AND his winky woo prancing around something fierce.

Just me and my church friends.

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Traci Susan Martin said...

Ha Ha I remember that...But it wasnt as bad as that Ghost movie cant remember anything but the wild makeout scene..agh that PG is sooo tricky...needless to say all movies were screened after that even G Yea nothing worse than a fat naked cartoon Ahhhh memories...makes life Grand..:)