Thursday, September 18, 2008

big fat slackers

dang I've been slacking with the blogs...I have good reason - we've been moving...AGAIN! Ben and I are professional movers. Seriously. Since Ben and I have been together (both of us... dating included) we have moved six times. Six times in 4 1/2 years. Since Jackson has been alive (conceived) we have moved 4 times. So, before my sweet little boys bday he has moved 4 times...he is such a trooper!

We love our new it. After living in an apartment (an unsafe apartment at that) we are so thankful to be able to paint, decorate and LIVE however we want. Jackson and I were confined to 4 walls all day and he was unable to go outside and play. We are so thankful for a back yard for Jackson. What is a little boy without God's world to explore? We are so thankful to be able to sleep peacefully again. God is so good.

So, sorry we've been slacking on posting but we'll be back and in full force soon. I know ya'll are wanting new pictures of the new place but give me time to paint and decorate...let's say a week.

The boy's big number one birthday is coming up...his GOLDEN birthday too! Let's just say we're gonna have 'zoo' much fun!

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Laura said...

I think you accidently misnamed this post. I don't think you guys qualify as "big fat slackers" as much as "busy busy parents" :) Good luck with the decorating, that's always the fun part!