Sunday, September 14, 2008

two steps forward and three steps back

The country has been buzzing with discussions over the recent appointment of Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket. I am SO EXCITED that I get the opportunity to vote for a ticket that includes not only a woman, but a strong woman that is on fire for moving this country forward in a positive direction.

While Sarah Palin is moving the women's movement forward I'm steady taking us back...let me explain:

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to pick out paint for the living room in our new house. I find a color and we get two gallons of it...yeah, I know - I was taking a gamble that I would like it. Like most people know, paint rarely looks like the swatch once you get it on the wall. Instead of the paint being the warm taupe color like the swatch, it was goldish. I didnt want gold or I would have picked out gold. So - we go back to home depot to see what they can do to fix it. Ben tells me to go see what they can do since he has no idea what I'm looking for. Of course, there are two older men working the paint counter...I have no problem with this - men usually know their paint and I have no problem taking advice from the 'expert' at the store. Anyway - so I ask what they can do to help me since the color does not look like the swatch and I get told "that's the gamble you take when you buy paint, I can only make it darker or add magenta but who knows what color you'll get....long pause/silence....Let me know what you want to do." I asked about several different scenario's and was met with a quick "no" everytime and was even told once that testing a little bit to see what color it would be was "against the law." And it wasn't just what they said it was the way they said it...just "oh well little girl" Totally rude. So I walk away to find ben (he has jackson and they are looking at lights - his favorite part of homedepot) and as soon as I walk up to Ben he says "So what did they say" and I start bawling. Yep - crying my eyes out in the middle of Home Depot. Who does that? I have no idea what got into me. Maybe I was tired from moving all day, maybe I knew how much I hated that paint color or maybe I knew the story would have been different had Ben been the one talking to them. Regardless of the reason, I'm crying uncontrollably. Long story short, the manager sees me upset, asks me what's wrong and they give me new paint.

I don't think the feminist movement would be very proud...oh well - atleast I got the paint I wanted...that counts for something, right?


Courtney's World said...

See you were nicer to walk away. I would of been all over getting a manager. Sucks that you had to cry in the middle of Home Depot, I am guessing it was from all the moving. At least you got your paint. Do you like it?

Laura said...

*hug* :)

At our first red sox game, I was trying to figure out what section we were sitting in. I ended up leading Kyle ALL over the stadium before finally asking one of the workers. I gave him my tickets and said "can you tell me if this is the right section?" He told me that I was actually about as far away as I could possibly be. These 3 college guys behind me started cracking up and making comments about how I had obviously not been to a real park before and another said something about women not understanding things... I did the same thing. I turned around and walked back to where Kyle was standing. He said "what did he say?" and I just bawled.

It can be frustrating. Glad you got the paint though! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL....oh Bethy bless your little heart. That's why I *hate* having to go up to men and do that sort of thing. It helps when I put on my "tough bitch" face though and then they dont mess with me. James says its probably because they are scared of me... oh well! So is the paint what you want it to be now? I'm dying to see your house post some pix!!!