Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday girl

Today is my birthday and I'm a fresh and fun 26 years old...I love birthdays! I had a super fun day today with my boys and I have enjoyed all of the thoughtful phone calls and e-messages. So thank you to everyone who shared in this wonderful day!

In our move I have misplaced our camera's battery charger so there are sadly no pictures of the big day but that's ok...I'm sure I'll make up for it another day! I said I'd start posting pictures of the house today so here are a few. I can't take any new ones until I find that charger!

The Fireplace in the Living room...I LOVE the paint (it's the one I changed at Home Depot)My festive mantle that is in need of a picture above it...can't find one I just love. I do, however, love my fall decor...I love decorating for the holidays!

Opposite side of the living room before I hung the curtain rods, the new ceiling fan and set up the chest under the picture on the far right (I'll post an updated picture when I find the charger)Light fixture I spray was this horrible white
Much more to come...

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Courtney's World said...

Well I am loving your fall decorations. :) I love Fall and Winter. My favorite seasons.