Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally Friday!

I'm so glad it's friday! Not only is it a long weekend, but today was absolutely glorious outside! We ate a picnic lunch with Ben and then enjoyed most of the rest of the day outside. We even ate dinner outside tonight - chili and potatoes, yum. Luke is slowly but surely feeling better. Wednesday night was by far the worst. We went to the dr on Thursday and he said his right ear was not infected yet but full of fluid so he anticipated it would be at any time. He said he also saw some signs of infection in his nose so he sent us home with an antibiotic to take. I'm not big on antibiotics unless they are absolutely neccessary but in this case I thought it was best going into a long weekend. Did you know that children do not develop sinuses until age 4? Me either!
I finally got a shot of Luke standing by himself. He's starting to take small steps between furniture so who knows what the next month will hold!
We're really excited about SEC football. We're a pretty small voice up here in Hog Country but we'll still be cheering for our Rebs - Hotty Toddy! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend :)


Laura said...

love the pictures. We had chili and potatoes last night too - I wonder if I subliminally picked that up from you. Hmm. And, um...go hogs. ;)

Vonda Axe said...

I am so glad you all are SEC fans. I understand if you will be cheering for Ole Miss. But I don't know if I would let some in our class know. They might tell you to Hotty Toddy flush the potty.

Brittany said...

I always love finding blogs of Mommy's with 2 boys, who is also a SEC fan!!

I have a little Luke too (He's almost 8 months)! Stumbled upon your cute blog and thought I would say hello:)

Hope you have a good weekend!!!

Bethany said...

Thanks Brittany - glad you found our blog! I bet your little Luke is as cute as can be!