Wednesday, September 15, 2010

one of those days

oh brother. Today was definitely one of those days! I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for Ben's work and was so excited to eat one with my breakfast. Little did I know, there would only be 2 left this morning and Jackson would lay claim to both. Even though both boys slept really well last night (all night until 8 am today!) they did NOT want to nap. Luke slept for about an hour around noon and that was it for the whole day. Jackson did not nap at all. He was laying down but when Luke got up and was really loud and really fussy he got up too. I told Ben when he got home, I honestly would not care if the boys didn't nap if they were happy and playing joyfully but, as we all know, when they don't nap they are such crab apples! I had several things I needed to get done around the house today and holding Luke was not one of them - ha!
After Luke had been up and fussed for almost 2 hours I decided to lay him back down. I left Jackson playing with his cars in the living room and as soon as I got Luke situated I heard, "Mommy I just need to tell you something." So, I go in the living room and Jackson says, "I just stuck a fadesoffintouncontrollableandundetectablespeech" What? I could not understand him and the tears start flowing like crazy. After a few minutes of decoding I translate that Jackson put an orange seed up his nose and it is now stuck.
Let's go semi-off topic a little here. Praise the Lord I have been reading, "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. Dobson so that I could have some sort of insight into WHY in the world my son stuck an orange seed up his nose!

So, I look up his nose and I don't see anything. I ask him if he is sure it's up there and he's pointing to the top of his nose, crying, "It's right there!!!" So I try to get him to blow his nose. Nope, just snot. We go about this for about 5 minutes with no seed in sight. I'm convinced we're going to have to go to the ER where my child will be traumatized by surgical tweezers probing the upper cavity of his nose when I just start praying. We go to the bathroom and I hold a cloth over one side of his nose and just keep telling him to blow. And wouldn't you know it, after a few tries, out comes a gigantic orange seed. I have no idea how he got it up so far. As soon as it came out I said, "You better thank Jesus for getting that out of your nose" and my sweet boy dropped to his knees and said, "Oh Jesus! Thank you for saving my nose!"
Needless to say, my "laying luke down" did not work. He screamed until I just went and got him. I went with the boys into the play room, completely giving up on any housework whatsoever. While we were playing I noticed Jackson had left the rest of his pumpkin muffin on his play table, you know, the one I wanted in the first place. In perfect Mom fashion, I reached over, grabbed it, took a bite and ended up with a mouth half full of sand. Evidently it went outside with jackson this morning when he played in his sand table.
All's well that ends well though, and those two precious ones are now sound asleep. Praise the Lord.


Mary Avery said...

Even though JM was a Mother's Day Out this morning, this sounds exactly like our afternoon. It was so bad that I called Jordan at work and basically begged him to please make sure he walked out the door at 5!! Just one of those days! I almost left after dinner to go have a little quiet me time at Starbucks for 30 minutes or something, but I was way too tired!

Guy and Julie said...

I am cracking up at this whole post. So glad you didn't end up at the ER. I guess these days are really what being a mom is all about!

Cari said...

I'm thinking I might need to stop reading your blog so that I can continue to remain naive and oblivious to my future days with Lincoln! ha! :)

Anonymous said...

that book has been on my list for quite some time now....better read it before parker sticks anything up his nose!!! ha! and those days are hard, baby p has a few of those days where all he wants is for me to hold and rock him and i am soooo ok w/ that....especially on those days that i work :)