Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 9 Months Luke and a Prayer Request

This was my sweet 9 month old boy this morning and tonight he is just pitiful and sick. I think he has an ear infection and we will be at the Dr in the morning to find out. Would you pray for him? He is usually such a happy baby and loves to play, laugh and eat but tonight he just wanted to be held, whimpering all the while. Bless his heart. I was hoping to be writing a 9 month in review post tonight but snuggling a sick boy trumps all.


Cari said...

Bless his heart! Lincoln had his first ear infection last week and it was so sad. Praying little Luke feels back to himself very soon!!

Everday Edwards said...

Hey Bethany! I'm so excited I came across your blog. So sorry your little guy is sick. I'm praying for him.


His Doorkeeper said...

I'm a day late reading but I certainly hope the doctor gave Luke some meds that helped his sweet little ears and he is doing much better.....and you are too!

Luke is just beautiful!! What a sweet family you have!