Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"daaaad" and the "yee-yees"

I haven't blogged about Jackson in a while and since I'm pretty sure everyone is needing their fix here goes:

Our little man is 14 months old now. CRAZY. He is SO much fun these days. Like, "I never knew a child could be this much fun" kind of fun. He is developing a sense of humor that keeps me and ben laughing all the time. For one, he's decided that tooting is funny - no idea where he got that from but he will try to push one little one out and just roll laughing. I've always said - being a boy is hard wired into him. He is no longer my human garbage disposal. Used to, you could give Jackson just about anything and he'd eat it...not anymore. Breakfast used to be a cereal bar and a banana but now he won't touch a cereal bar...he wants me to make him scrambled eggs, biscuits and give him a smoothie. Ben said you can't blame him, he'd rather eat that too. He's also not eating nearly as much as he used to. In previous months, I couldnt keep him full and now it's just a nibble here and there. He's got all 4 of his molars coming in though so that could have something to do with it. If it's bland, he wont eat it, but if its a casserole or something with a strong flavor he's all over it. He's over baby food and only wants to eat what mom cooks...I secretly love that.

Jackson absolutely LOVES Christmas. He loves, loves, loves going down the center aisle in Kroger and will yell, as loud as he can, "ooooooooh, aaaaaaahhhhh, ohhhhhhhh" looking at the decorations. We put up our tree last night (I'll blog about that later) and this morning he wanted it plugged in so he could ooh and ahh all morning. It never gets old.

We've got a little musician on our hands. I've been making up songs his whole life but lately he's started chiming in and making requests. There's a song on the Wiggles (yee-yees to Jackson) that ends in "Shh, Shh, Shh" and he'll dance and clap his hands and sing just that part which means 'get to singing mom'! He also sings a song that started out as an ode to his dad but has branched out to Nonni, PawPaw and Gigi. Ben swears he has natural rhythm with his little instruments. He showed him how to play his jingle bells correctly and has been on it ever since. Regardless of talent, he absolutely loves music and wants it playing constantly. Mostly so he can dance all day long - so my child. Also, his vocabulary (both spoken and signed) has really taken off lately. You can basically sign something one time and he's got it. It's crazy what that little sponge brain will pick up. We're really having to watch ourselves these days...nobody wants him to be the baby on Meet the Fockers :)

He and Ben continue to be best going to work has only strengthened this bond. If we go somewhere and Ben wanders off or goes to the bathroom, Jackson will scream "daaaaaaaaad!!! daaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!" until he comes back. Ben is most definitely Jackson's favorite person in the whole world. He's such a little person now, no longer a baby...but he hasn't been a "baby" for a while. I can not tell you how much I love being his mom and watching him grow up. It is one of my greatest blessings in life.

So, we're busy as bees chasing after the energizer bunny...but when it's all said and done you could give the boy his dad, the wiggles and a ball and he's good to go :)


Laura said...

What a great update! I so look forward to these adventures.

Anonymous said...

Yea! such a sweet time... Enjoy it cuz it won't last forever, pretty soon it will be MOM!!! MEATLOAF!! Ha ha!!