Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa's Day Out

For those of you with a they are having a 9am to 9pm sale...some highlights include:

Kroger Eggs .99c
Tostitos 1.77 (regular 3.50)
Kroger Peanuts .99c
Deluxe Ice Cream 1.50
Oscar Meyer lunch meant 1.99 (regular 4.99)

Check the inside of the flyer at the front of the store for the rest of the deals. Happy Shopping :)

Edited to add:

They also have Arm and Hammer laundry detergent for 3.99 (regular 7.99) but this is anytime through Tuesday 12/9. You can go to and print out a 1.00 off coupon making it 2.99. Crazy! They even have one that is "free of dyes" for those of you with babies or allergy prone skin.

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Katherine Maxey said...

wish we had a kroger....grrrrr