Thursday, February 26, 2009

dinner with a bear

Our little man shares how to make tacos...

Step One: Quickly lift the lid to the suckers and grab one before Mom sees you.

Step Two: Eat the Avocado as soon as you find it, do not wait for it to be peeled or diced.

Step Three: Show mom how you did not eat the nasty little brown thing on top. She'll be impressed and probably reward you with the sucker confiscated in step one.

Step Four: Grab and lick everything. If it looks like it has flavor, go for it.

Step Five: Cram as much cheese into your mouth as possible. This applies to any situation.


Traci said...

lol that is so funny!! an so true!!

Courtney said...

Ha! He loves to eat. Mikayla is just like that.

Lauren McKnight said...

I needed a laugh and this was just the recipe. Thanks Jackson!!

Sam said...

That kid really likes cheese don't he?