Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walgreen's Run

What can $1.42 buy you? A Coke? A bag of chips? A head of lettuce?

How about 8 rolls of Reynolds Wrap, 1 tube of Revlon concealer, 1 bottle of One A Day women's vitamins, 2 bags of Starbucks candy, and 1 tube of Sally Hansen Lip Gloss!
Original price before sales, rebate and coupons: $47.99 (before tax)
Total after coupons: $1.42 (before tax)
Total Savings: 97%


Laura said...

Do the people at the register ever make comments to you on these kinds of deals?

Ben said...

When we go to CVS together, the line builds up behind us and people sometimes get impatient. Bethany is amazing though- she keeps her cool and wows everyone (including me) at the end when they see her total.