Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me!

Over at MckMama blog she has a traditional monday post and since there are incentives - I'm jumping on the monday wagon... In an effort to continue with everything I learned in grad school about confessing counseling, of course...I did not clip coupons at work Saturday night so that I could be prepared and ready to go for my shopping trips this week. Not me!

I did not stay up after I got off work Sunday (at 7am) because I wanted to do said shopping and other things around the house instead of laying down and getting some rest like I should have.

I most definitely did not pinch off the snot from my sons nose with my fingers because I was tired of going and getting a tissue for it.

We always stick with the rules in our house. I mean, I did not let Jackson pull out every single dvd and vhs we own out from inside the tv armoire so that I could sit on the couch and finish a cup of coffee in one sitting - I would never do that!

I did not frantically sweep a neon yellow ooze out of my son's mouth only to realize it was a lucky charm that I had put on his tray as part of his snack.

Noticing Jackson's over supply of toys this week as I was cleaning his room has me yearning to get some more organization going on in there. I do not, by any means, ever spoil my child rotten and rationalize it with the fact that it's because I only have one child and whenever we have more it will be different... who would do such a thing?

I did not order a lens this week for a camera that I do not even own yet - what kind of crazy person would do that? Not me!

Your turn - what are you definitely NOT doing? ;)


Courtney said...

You ordered a lens for a camera that you don't own. LOl. Oh I have done the booger thing tons of times.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely NOT eating a large burrito because i need to lose weight for my wedding...