Sunday, February 8, 2009

jump start

(My Sunday stash including the 4 boxes of Crunch and Munch I got for .30 c at Schnucks the day before)
Most deals at major drug stores run Sunday to Saturday and Kroger and Schnucks run Wednesday to Tuesday...I usually wait until the last day of deals to venture out and there are usually very few things left. That being said - I was prepared today! I got off work at 7am and stopped at the Walgreens I pass on my way home. I bought a Fusion razor sale 8.99 with a 4 off coupon from todays paper and I got back $6 in register rewards (like money to use on any future purchase) So my total out of pocket was 4.99 plus tax and $6 for next time. My next transaction was 2 scrubbing bubbles wipes, 1 windex wipes, 1 pledge pet hair remover and 2 colgate toothbrushes and I paid 2.08 and got another $1 in register rewards! The best part is each of these items is eligible for a total of $4 in rebates on a Walgreen's gift card so I made $2! My total savings - 95%! $56 of products for $7.07 and $3.07 after my rebate (including razor)
Next I went to Kroger to take part of their $3 off 10 item deal. If you buy any 5 Betty Crocker fruit snacks in one transaction you get a coupon that prints out for $3.50 off your next order. So, I got 9 fruit snacks and one 8 count poptart for $9.30 (after $3 deal and 4 - .50/2 coupons, 1 - .50/1 and 1 - .55/1) and then I got the $3.50 off coupon for next time. So at Kroger I got $24.90 worth of stuff for 9.20 and the $3.50. total savings - 64%.

Later on I went to CVS and got some needed paper towels, fabric softener, free aspirin, free plus overage mylanta, free Gillette shampoo and cascade for $12...not my money though - extra care bucks I had from a previous trip. $43 worth of stuff for $12, paid with extra care bucks, total savings 67% and $0.00 out of pocket and got another 7.99 in ECB's.
I still have to go to Rite Aid where I'll be getting $26.57 for $4.99 out of pocket and THEN I'll get $16.49 back in a rebate they'll be paying me $11.50 to shop there ;)

So, my trips today (not including Rite Aid or rebate from Walgreens)

Original Price of all items: $123.90

Total after coupons/sales: $ 28.27

Total out of pocket cash: $16.27

Total saved: 87%

Great day - I think I'll jump start from now on!
Wanna know how to do it? Ask me and I'll post the links - these deals are good through 2/14/09.


Laura said...

Again, I really just want you to come live with me now. I'm inspired to try this whole coupon thing. It sucks that there aren't any krogers up here though - maybe I can find a walgreens.

Good job woman.

Betsy said...

Wow! I am amazed at your deals! I just became interested in the whole world of couponing! Let me know how you do it because I am not as good as you by far! LOL!

Traci said...

Yea I'm not good as you either but I want to be!!! Wah