Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Taste of Fall

I was so excited to put my fall decorations up in our new home. Something about holiday decorating just makes your house feel a little more "home-y" I love getting everything out each year and love how festive my house looks from October to January with all of the fun celebrations to come.

I found this candy corn idea in a magazine and I just love it!
I love getting my fall "foilage" out each year
I have a candle lit in my pumpkin to help make my home a haven of peace
And my most prized decoration this year is this pumpkin Jackson made for me at church!


Guy and Julie said...

Jackson's pumpkin is actually really really cute! I kind of want to make one for my house :)

Casa Cannon said...

very cute! but i would eat all the candy corn!