Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thanks Aunt Pam

 Ben's sweet Aunt Pam sends the boys packages more often than we deserve. She is so good to us! She packed a big box full of books, shirts, cookies, flashlights, treat bags and a stuffed pumpkin!
Aunt Pam always knows exactly what to send - like this Biscuit book. Jackson absolutely loves Biscuit and we had just been to the pumpkin patch the weekend before!
 She also always has the best timing. This week the package came on tuesday, right after Jackson got back from getting a steroid shot. As you can see, he seems just fine going through his goodies. And look at these super cute matching shirts for the boys!
 Jackson loves to read and Aunt Pam sends him the best books! I think I get just as excited to see what books are in the box :)
 Ben was excited to see this cute book about a ghost named "Ben" :)
 Can you tell how much we love
Jackson said he'd just send himself to Aunt Pam - I don't think she's ready for that just yet - ha! After opening the box Jackson said, "Oh that Aunt Pam! She's so sweet to bless us!" I agree :)

Thanks Aunt Pam! We love you!

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Ben said...

I second that- Thanks Aunt Pam! Jackson loves to check the mail each day just to see if there might be a package for him. You are such a blessing to us.