Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Golden Birthday

I've been excited about my 28th birthday for as long as I can remember - it is, after all, my golden birthday! I had such a wonderful, blessed day. I woke up toballoons, a card and my almost 3 year old singing me happy birthday, it was so priceless! Later Ben called and had Jackson get a box from under his bed that had a new coffee cup and some candy in it. That man knows what makes my heart beat! :)
We have bible study on Tuesday mornings and I was so thankful to spend my birthday morning with so many of my new friends - they are such a blessing to me! We also had a new member's luncheon where each new member got a "prize" along with a wonderful lunch. I got this beautiful bag filled with lots of goodies to take with me each time I go to Bible Study! Sweet Rachel made an a.mazing dessert that will be on my other blog soon. It was so.stinking.good. When Ben got home for the day he brought chocolate cupcakes with him so I got another sweet treat from him along with a precious picture from my boys and a super cute new dress from Target!
That evening we got a pizza and took it to the park so the boys could play and we could eat in peace. Ben asked if I wanted to go out to dinner for my birthday but I quickly said no - the thought of battling the boys through dinner did not sound fun to me - ha!
We did meet up with our new friends Dennis and Janna for a late dessert and had a wonderful time. They are such a blessing to us and I was thankful to spend a few moments of my birthday with them. Of course, the boys were tired so we had to cut out early but it was such a great day. I feel so very blessed :)

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