Friday, October 8, 2010

Play Group Shots 9/16

Here are some cute shots from play group a few weeks ago at Ginger's. I have been looking for them and finally found them on a memory card I rarely use. I love these sweet kids - they are all so precious!

Lunch Time!
 Luke Bug - ever teething
 Sweet Shepherd
 Harper found the silly bands and had the best time putting them ALL on!
 I love this picture of Matthew!
 And Jackson and Braxton cooking - how cute is that?
I just love our play group dates! Sweet kids, wonderful Mom's to fellowship with a yummy food - does it get better than that?


Guy and Julie said...

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for posting--I saved the one of Shepherd. It's a sweet one.

Lynn said...

Awwww ... what adorable photo opportunities you captured! The one of Matthew is adorable! Looks like the babies were having some fun! =)