Monday, October 13, 2008

Jesus loves a sharer

Do you remember people telling you that in church when you were little?

These days, Jackson lets me know that he wants something to eat by saying "Mama, mmmmmm." I'll be real's so cute that I just can't resist it! He is usually saying this when I'm eating so, I rarely finish any meal without him eating almost half of it. This morning he ate most of my cheerios for me and the other day I got maybe one bite out of my cereal bar. It's paying off though in more ways than one. It's sorta like a diet because I don't eat as much and I'm teaching my child to share...only he doesn't 'ask' if you want any of his half eaten, soggy piece of toast - he just shoves it in your mouth...mmm indeed.

Have you shared today? ;)


Ben said...

True. He just gets right in your face and shoves whatever he's munching on right into your mouth. What cracks me up is how serious he is with it. Almost like he's the parent making sure I take good bites. He doesn't even give you time to swallow. ...Love it.

Anonymous said...

What is this he is saying Mama!! Why was I not called!! Ha Ha Yes he tried to make me eat cheese! Agh I hate cheese!! Ha ha