Friday, October 17, 2008

little loves

When Ben and I got married I was so excited to have so many new kiddos to love on. When we first met, there were only Karleigh and Hannah...and they were both still BABIES... they each just started Kindergarten.

How crazy is that?!? His Dad had just gotten remarried and Glennis' girls, Catherine and Olivia, were only 5 and 8...they are about to be 10 and 13...double digits and a teenager!

Catherine and Olivia
Since we've been together, Cael, Jackson and Kole have been added to the family and now there are more babies on the way!

Diana (Hannah and Cael's mom) could have her baby any time now and it's going to be a surprise to everyone because they did not find out the gender..Wow - I am not that patient. I could not WAIT to find out with Jackson!

Karleigh and Kole

I know I mostly post about Jackson, but there are other loves in my life that we don't get to see very often. We miss seeing them and love the little people they are growing up to be...I just can't believe how big they get between times that we get to see them. I dont even want to think about how fast Jackson is growing up - it makes my head spin...

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Anonymous said...

Wow those 2 look just alike!! Yea Im glad yall see how Important family is. Because u r never promised tommorow. God Bless. Nonni :)

Did I spell promise right!! Ha Ha