Monday, October 6, 2008

still spinning

This has been one crazy week! We started the week with my birthday and ended it with Jackson's first birthday party at the zoo! Ben and I got sick at the very beginning of the week with some sinus stuff, luckily Jackson didn't get it. This helped delay our projects around the house as well as my blogging. I was feeling much better by wednesday and other than a few fever blister battle scars, I was back to normal by the party of Saturday. On Jackson's actual birthday we just did stuff as a family. Ben came home for lunch and as soon as he got home we headed out to build a bear and Cheeburger Cheeburger for his big birthday dinner. We had the best time. When we got home we opened presents and Jackson had his first "cake" experience. I searched the internet for a healthier option for his first cake since the only sugar he has had has come from fruit or a gerber graduates cereal bar. I feel as a parent it is your responsibility to teach your kids to be healthy at all times and birthday's are no exception. I found a recipe for a Pumpkin Apple Harvest cake and sugar free cream cheese icing. Jackson absolutely loves cream cheese so I knew this would be a hit...turns out I was right. He ate the entire cupcake with only a few crumbs behind as evidence.Thursday we went in for Jackson's one year check up. He is 24 lbs 5 oz and 31 inches long. One more inch and he'll have grown a foot since birth! Everything checked out perfectly and we're so thankful. The dr said "I'm not even gonna ask about delevopmental milestones...I can tell he's hitting all of them." Jackson is so funny these days. He has this new game where I'll say "say mama" and he'll say "dada" and laugh. He'll see my coffee and say "that's hot" and hold his hand back and my new favorite thing he does is squeal when Ben gets home from work. So funny. His vocabulary is growing every day. He surprises me with how much he knows. It's amazing how fast they become little people with big personalities. He has a newly found obsession with shoes and will bring them to you and say "ssshhhhss" and put his feet up for you. So cute.
He absolutely LOVES music and loves to dance. Loves. to. dance. I can hum a beat and he'll start breaking it down. We bought him a Wiggles dvd for his birthday ( i know...the wiggles) and he loves it. Who knew?
Friday night my mom and brother flew in for the big "one" celebration - we were so excited for them to make it out here! On Saturday we were all off to the zoo where I was late to my own kids birthday party because I went left when I should have taken a right...needless to say THIRTY MINUTES later I made it to the zoo. Unbelievable. Jackson didn't notice or care so that was good. We had lots of fun snacks for everyone to eat and I made some devils food mini cupcakes for the adults and other kids to enjoy. I made them with applesauce instead of oil so at least that helped out the "health" factor with those. Ben's family drove out and Jackson got to spend some time with everyone in the Jungle room before we all ventured out to enjoy the zoo. My grandfather stopped by on his way to see my aunt to wish Jackson a Happy Birthday and the Walkers had to cancel at the last minute due to a stomach bug. Yuck. We missed seeing them there but understand! There were a few glitches, but all in all it was a GREAT first birthday for Jackson. We appreciate those of you that thought of Jackson and made an effort to be a part of his birthday this year. I know it meant so much to him. Here are some pictures of the big birthday extravaganza:

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