Friday, August 1, 2008

double digits

Jackson is 10 months old today and he's steady growing like a weed. Some of his new favorite things to do are give high fives, play patty cake (mostly hit your hands), clap and throw anything in sight. He and Ben play a carnival style game while he is in the tub where he throws the ball into the cup on the floor. He loves it and would play it all night long if we let him:He also loves Ben's guitar and tries to play it every chance he can: He loves books and tries to prolong the reading sessions we have before bed each night as long as possible:His hair is really coming in and I can't decide what to do with it... I think I'm just gonna start styling it so be ready for that...GQ hair at 10 months...why not :)Today he grabbed my apple and tried to eat itAnd the other day I thought I'd see how he'd handle feeding himself a can imagine how that went...wait - I'll just show you:He's such a rat but I love him. He's getting so big so fast. He's definitely not a baby anymore...He's starting to try to take his first steps. He'll take one step to get to something but nothing out in the open. I'll definitely be posting when that officially happens. Yay for 10's to 10 thousand more :)

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Bryson's Mom said...

Um, Bethany.....HE IS ADORABLE!! I believe Mr. Jackson is giving Mr. Bryson a run for his money in the 'cute' department. I think he's my new favorite 10 month old little man!!