Monday, August 11, 2008

these boots are made for walkin'

My parents came through this weekend on one of their final quests in saying goodbye to the house they moved out of over a year ago...yaying for finally selling! Anyway, in cleaning out her attic, my mom brought Jackson a RIDICULOUS amount of toys, some clothes and one awesome pair of (13 year old) cowboy boots that he most likely won't even be able to wear for at least another year. While they were here Jackson walked over TEN steps to my mom from one of the rubbermaids! Crazy talk. Since then, he walks in between all of our furniture without holding onto anything...he still has yet to walk out in the 'open' (which I'm kinda glad he isn't...stop growing up so fast already) but he is definitely preferring to walk places these days.

I'm still getting everything ironed out for his 'royal' birthday...I can't wait for it - it's gonna be so much fun. More for us than for him probably but I guess that's just the way it goes. I'm still not very keen on him eating cake on his birthday...he hasn't had so much as a real cookie - how could his little system possibly handle cake and icing? There has to be some sort of 'healthy' recipe I can find...maybe I'll just put a candle in a's his favorite anyway.

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Courtney's World said...

OMG. Danielle Pierce (used to be Dittig) bought Mikayla a pair of Pink boots from Target awhile back. She loves them, and I can't stand them (which is why Danielle bought them for her) LOl.