Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Big Little Brother

Today my little brother turns 14...FOURTEEN people! For some reason 14 seems so much older than 13. I still remember him running around in his diaper, doing crazy ninja kicks and breaking it down to whatever music I had playing in my room in high school. Thank goodness we have video of it. He has always been hilarious and continues to be to this day. I always know when he's about to tell a joke because he can't stop laughing long enough to tell it. I can not believe it has already been 14 years - where has time gone? He's is my 'little' brother only by age - he is already towering over me and mom. He and I are 12 years apart (well almost anyway) and you would think that we would not have a very close relationship but nothing could be further from the truth. I hate that we can't live in the same town anymore and that I can't see him grow up everyday but sometimes life is just that way. We still see eachother every chance we get and talk on the phone almost every day.I love that boy more than words can say and I'm so proud of the amazing young man that he is growing up to be. That boy has got it all! God has blessed each of us by putting him into our lives. He is the reason that I wanted a little boy of my own so badly - I knew the amazing, fun filled journey it would be!
We love you SO much! And even though I can't take place in the birthday extravaganza today, I'm hoping that this will be your best year yet!

Happy Birthday!

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